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drop dead gorgeous and easy to fall in love with. the type of girl that makes you hate being in a relationship when the relationship doesnt involve her. gives amazing compliments and makes you laugh. she might be feisty at times, but once she joins u in your crying corner, there is no one else that you would rather cry with.
omg that girl has the perfect name to fit her personality- carleigh
by Logan James Frank December 12, 2010
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A female name describing one who is vivaciously charismatic and charming. Carleigh's are generally looked to by others for wisdom and life advise as they are seen as being able to perfectly balance the energies of life around them. They have the ability to 'think outside the box' and articulate their thoughts and emotions with prophetic intelligence. Carleigh's thrive on change and are often considered gypsies with very few attachments to their environments or relationships. Creativity is an expession of a Carleigh's heart and without persuing artisic endeavours, Carleigh will never feel completly satisfied. Carleigh's are most always on a journey of self discovery and fulfillment.
1. She is as free as a Carleigh.

2. Her great wisdom is that of a Carleigh.
by word_nerd1 February 04, 2010
A dick sucking whore who goes both ways and completely kills any remaining hope for individuality from the stereotype she imposes onto you. She is a fucking whore and will most likely try and suck your dick.

She tries to be all gangster and guido, but she doesn't realize that being the bitch that she is makes everyone hate her more.
Julie: "Is that carleigh?"
Bill: "That whore over there who tried to suck my dick?"
Julie: "Yeah"
Bill: "Oh yeah, that's her."

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