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Located in orland park, illinois, on 131st Street and La Grange Road. It is a large chool of 4000, about half of them arab or some sort of brown, and the other half haters. The white population of sandburg is supposedly 89% but thats becuz arabs put that they are white.The Arabs of sandburg are the worst, segregating themselves and sitting in tables by the vending machines and constantly yelling "Wakka!" or "Gucci!"Every white male in the school wants to murder all of them, In the Race Wars of 07, the whites constantly dominated over the blacks and the arabs with brute force. In truth, sandburgs kids are some of the most ignorant and self-centered chuckleheads this world has ever seen. The girls at sandburg suck both ways. they are complete sluts or crazy stuck up bitches. The freshmen class is notorious for banging seniors.the worst features of carl sandburg is the football team. They talk as if they have amounted to everything, but in reality,they suck dick. Not to mention they are so roided up that their nipples and chest have stretchmarks and their noses look like squidward.Another small fad taking part in sandburgs alumni is "gangs" which are hardly gangs. The Gangs that exist are the "Brew Crew", a bunch of football throwing, beer swigging, cockmunchers, "The Block Squad", a bunch of potheads, and, possibly the gayest, "The Guap Squad" which is the biggest group of socially retarded rejects that have no lives or goals.Overall, sandburg is a school of cliques
Kid: You go to Carl Sandburg High School?
Sandburgian: AWWHHH YEAAA! EAGLES!!!!
Kid: Fucking faggot
by RedmanChew August 01, 2012
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