Carissa has many different meanings such as beloved, graceful, and little schemer. a woman named Carissa is beautiful inside and outside yet she doesn't know it. She is a people pleaser, and loves the outdoors. very smart, but is not pompous. is curious in nature. Her heart is the biggest and warmest if ever found. Carissa is rare. There are a few common species such as those who are blonde or even brunette but the pale in comparison to the rarest species of Carissa which is the natural redhead. she is the most loveable and loyal. once you find a Carissa love her, treat her right and fight for her because if you don't another man will step in and take your place.
I once had a Carissa but I didn't treat her right I lost her, now a better man has my Carissa.
by emeraldeyes78 April 03, 2013
Means: "beloved" in Greek.
The best friend you will ever have. A beautiful, witty girl who drives guys crazy and is banned from consuming milkshake beverages. An amazing person, the most amazing woman in the world, in-fact. Although she has a few things going against her, she is also the strongest and most courageous woman I've ever met. A perfect girl, who no one can put down; she is beautiful, and has an amazing personality, great sense of humor, and a perfect body. If you meet a Carissa, you will fall in love. She owns enough handbags, blouses, and perfumes to start a Macy's. Her big blue eyes are the most enchanting I've ever seen. Kinda reminds me of an angel. She always dates hot guys (Yeah right...), typically soccer or baseball players. Don't get me wrong, but it's hard to find girls named Carissa, so when you meet one, you had better get her before somebody else does. All in all, the most beautiful girl you will ever meet, and one who you will instantly fall in love with.
Guy1: OMG, look who's coming this way?

Guy2: Yeah what about her.. wait, is that Carissa?

Guy1: @_@ Yeah!
by Senor Pablo Pop March 24, 2013
'caress' in greek. She is a nice girl at first, she is loving and caring but is hiding her true feelings. When she doesn't like some one she really doesn't like someone. she will lash out and cause big dramas, and she is always at the centre of them.
have you hear about all this drama?
let me guess, carissa is the centre of it...
by totallymethough March 13, 2015
More then often a very clumsy girl that is typically in skinny love most of the time. A nature loving person, even though nature hates her.
Carissa: Did you see that girl at school today? Totally a Carissa.
by Gevin April 10, 2013
A mentally ill,white trash female. Whole body full of black tattoos that make her skin look as though she needs to shower the "dirt"off. Carissa worships Satan. She wasn't hugged much as a child and will steal your man away from you. She is ruthless.She gets dumps often and can not hold a stable relationship. Carissa's are often short and pudgy but try to be a model. Has a couple of kids by different baby daddy's. Has mental instability issues. Most carissa's are bar tenders because they lack intelligence for any other profession. Most Carissa's need thousands of "friends" on FB to be cool although she doesn't personally know 99% of them. Dont be Carissa, I would legally change my name if I were you
Boy: who is that white trash whore?
Girl: oh that's just Carissa
by VikingQueen June 24, 2014
Carissa is usually a girl who has it all in the beginning and than lets herself go. Once being cute, blonde, with a decent shape, unfortunately that doesn't last. Carissa's usually turns out to be fat, out of shape, with nothing special about them in the end. In other words...plain. Same thing will go for Carissa's personality because this also goes to sh*t as well. Not that it was anything special in the first place. Guys who once "adored" her, don't even look twice at her now. Carissa's karma will always catch up with her.
Guy: Did you see Carissa?
Guy2: Yeah dude Carissa let herself go...what a shame

Oh she pulled a
by yessotrue April 17, 2013
Carissa is usually a girls name. Carissa tends to be an extremely fake and unpredictable person. She will also flirt with anything that moves and says like way too much. She is pretty much a tool.
Person 1: Guys here comes Carissa...
Person 2: I think I hear my mom calling see you later...
Carissa: Hey guuuys...Like whats like up like!
Everyone: *puzzled look*
by sparkythepig October 10, 2011

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