1) hot sexy mama
2) drunken partyer who loves to, well, drink
mmmm i love me some carina
by %&@*!!^)(&**#$#! January 04, 2007
She acts nice but in reality she's a heartless bitch. She makes fun of everyone even if she's never talked to them. She switches off between friends alot because she's never content with who she has in her life. She uses alot of slang to make herself funny when she really isn't funny at all. She doesn't have many real friends they all use her and she doesn't even know it. She's also really stupid and has horrible grades. She falls for everything because she's dumb as hell. She has alot of guy friends but no one wants to get into a relationship with her because they know she's a bitch and likes to start alot of stuff. Not many people like her, and if they like her shell ruin it for herself because she really is a bitch. She's a bad liar that's how everyone sees through her nice girl act.
by hotashell888 October 27, 2013
cunt, bitch, hoe, whore, slut, backstabber, piece of shit, desperate, loser, dick sucker, wanna-be, follower, horrible friend, homewrecker, horrible friend.
That girl right there ruins relationships and sucks lots of dick, she must be Carina.
by bitch3sdi3pl3as3 November 06, 2011

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