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The act of drinking one self into a awe inspiring state of drunkness. To party hard or not party at all mentality. This word describes the process in which you drunk yourself shitfaced during a night out on a Thursday. After which you wake up to find a ton of gaping holes in ones memory and possibly one or two midgets tired up in ones bed. A truly awesome night out.
"Shit dude, lost my wallet, keys and my phone last night. I got a batman sign shaved on my chest and nipple- piercing. Plus I got 2 numbers on my stomach written in permanentmarker. One is a children adopting agency and the other was a chinese family that when i told them my name would not stop screaming. And by the looks of my neighbors im pretty sure im wanted by the cops. What a Carina thursday!"
by Skinkelynet_32 September 04, 2011
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