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An amazingly cute, super quick-witted, smart and sassy take charge girl who knows what she wants and how to get it. Quick with one-liners and sarcasm, and equipped with killer dimples, a perfect smile and blue eyes, every girl wants to be her and every guy wants to marry her. She's pretty much the coolest chick that ever was, if you know her you should consider yourself lucky.
Guy #1: "Man - Carin is like the funniest girl I've ever met!"
Guy #2: "I know - she's a cutie patootie."

Girl #1: "I wish I could be Carin's bestie."
Girl #2: "Whatever beyotch, I saw her first - she's MY bestie!"
by C to the C Smitty February 04, 2010
An exotically attractive girl who is wildly charismatic and lights up the room. It's basically impossible not to have the best night ever when you party with her. Guys fall hard for her even though they find her a little intimidating. Girls want to be her best friend, but she reserves that position for a select few. She stands up for herself and the people she loves without fail. That also means don't piss her off, because she will likely try to fight you, and she fights dirty. Despite her crazy side, she is one of the coolest people you will ever come across.
Damn, Carin sure knows how to party.

I think Carin might be insane, but I don't care because she's so ridiculously awesome.
by agers March 09, 2013
Carin' -- The ultimate personification of the lack of caring in any situation. Derived from the sarcastic saying, "Yeah, like I'm really caring about that!". Most commonly used as a proper pronoun, but can also be used as a exclamation, mutterance, or an aside.

"Hey could you help me move my mother-in-law into her new house?"
"Why don't you ask Carin'?"
by yotoad September 17, 2008
A sarcastic way of expressing a lack of care for a situation, person, place or thing. Usually used in response to a question.
"Who is going to work with Johnny tomorrow?
Carin' will do it!"
by wiknox September 17, 2008
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