Big, Annoying, bossy, uptight, girl who is on a constant 24/7 period =)
Carenna needs to go change her tampon!!
by Skyler m October 15, 2008
Top Definition
Awesome. She is just awesome. She's smart, cute, strong, and she never gives way under pressure. She hides her emotions, but by getting to know her, she will open up. She trusts anyone until proven otherwise, but once you lose her trust, your done for. She is sweet and caring, and slightly shy, but with a nudge, she can do anything.
Don't tell Carenna how to do things. She already knows.
by mffrgt October 05, 2012
Carenna is a nice girl with a warm heart. She will always be there for you. She's strong and reliable, but doesn't show her emotions easily.
Carenna is one of a kind.
by iwillavenge October 05, 2012
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