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Quiet, Understanding person. Mediator and Advice giver to all friends and family.
We should ask Carah about this
by sweetcheeks11220 February 03, 2010
hot when she's blonde.
really nice to everyone.
she's an awful rapper though.
wow she's hot but she can't rap, so she must be a Carah.
by jdawg1 March 09, 2010
a very cool person with dreadlocks and can shoot rifles.
"Whoa look at Carah shoot. She is so cool!"
by hulagirl007 May 08, 2008
A lovely, sexual relationship between the two girls who go by the name Carolina (C) and Sarah (arah)
Pronunciations of this "ship" is Car-ah or as some say Care-ah, although the first is truly correct.
"Who are they?"

"That's Carah, they're inseparable."
by HiImAwkward. January 05, 2014
a liar (which is where the cARah comes from)
a creep (Carah)
an ass kisser (carAh)
a hoe (caraH)
and it all comes down to CARAH
The new intern is definitely a Carah
by jburner July 14, 2008

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