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holding onto a car's rear bumper while being drug on your knees or belly along a severly iced/snowed over road. Kids wait on the side of the road for cars moving at 2 mph, then run out and grab the bumper. Some people drag their friends for fun. Most people are not aware of the extra passenger. A popular past time for kids on snow days. Propper atire usually includes redneck Carhart overalls and some shitty Tims.
theres no hills in this damn town, so sleddin's out... lets go car hoppin.
Dude, i made it 6 blocks that time car hoppin.
I was car hoppin down the street until someone saw me and called the cops.
That old lady didnt even know i was car hoppin on her bumper all the way down the street.

by one L December 11, 2006