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Synonym for a ginger's penis. This term applies only if the penis has never seen action and/or is stricken with the gout. It is well known that the Russian pilots who flew the MIGs in Top Gun had Car Oreos, and that's why Goose took that picture and Maverick shot those Commies down.

The term derives from the tendency of gingers to sneak to the car and perform sad, deranged sex acts with a box of oreos (as they find it difficult to use their car oreo for anything else.
That Guy with the car oreo is on the highway to the Danger Zone!
by Caroreo2 November 08, 2010
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A box/set of Oreos that generally resides in a car. In the last 80 years, however, the definition has been extended to include all forms of transportation; ie motorcycles, motor homes, boats, dirigibles, zeppelins.
I had to hurry to the store to replenish my set of Car Oreos before my road trip.

I had to hurry to port to replenish my dunnage of Car Oreos before I got in my catamaran.

Car Oreos greatly increase satisfaction during road head.
by Caroreo October 30, 2010
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