To have one person drive wrecklessly while the other passengers jump from the back seat to the front.
Whoever sustains the most external injuries wins.

Some car gymnastics may have a points system though it is not required
Ex: Bruise - 1pt

Injure Driver/other gymnast - 5pts

Consussion - 10pts

Blood/Bleeding - 15pts

Permanent Damage - 20pts
*Wreckless driver speeds down street then turns violently*

Gymnast one will jump from backseat to the farthest point in the front interior of car.
Gymnast one totals 4 bruises and a bloody nose = 19pts
Gymnast two kicks driver and collides into windsheild = 15pts

Car Gymnastics winner would be Gymnast one.
by Concussions February 04, 2011
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To climp up the front or back of a vehicle and run across to the other side before jumping off. Quite pointless, but usually leaves some sort of damage to the owner of the car.
I stepped in a mud puddle so i performed car gymnastics and left a trail on my ex-girlfriends slut-mobile.

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