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1) When the driver of a car equipped with power windows farts, and locks the windows creating a "gas chamber".

2) a way of getting out of giving unlikeable people a ride.
I won't ever get a ride with Steve ever since he made a car fart. John started throwing up and Jenny passed out!
by What's a pseudonym????? October 18, 2008
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The act of holding a fart all day in a circumstance when farting is not permittable to finally get into your car and release said fart.
hey jess, i couldnt wait to leave work all day ive been stuck in a meeting and holding this fart since 9am, i totally released the biggest car fart.
by funnygal1983 November 12, 2013
(n.) an occasional smell, rancid and more putrid than normal, eminating from the exhaust of a vehicle, possibly due to the use of sulphur oxides in modern fuels.

(v.) the act of a car's exhaust giving off a smell, similar to human flatulence, namely, a strong egg-like scent.

Synonyms: vehicular fart, car flatulence, vehicular flatulence
Q: Dude, do you smell that? Was that you?
A: No, man, that's carfart.
by vic-from-nj November 07, 2006
Ripping ass while wearing your CarHart bibs, bendover or move and you get a whiff of your putrid fart.
Billy was working in the shop and dropped a load. Bent over to pick up a wrench and gave himself a CarFart.
by Dirty Doyle May 27, 2011

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