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(n.)A user name, whose origin is from AOL Instant Messenger. Car dice13 would add buddies, and spam them until he would get reported, or blocked. Car dice13 then went to various web forums, and online MMORPGs and created accounts to insult people, or spam. People now create accounts called car dice13, car dice#, or call themselves a car dice13 account. They use these accounts to spam, flood, or insult people from various places on the internet.
Car Dice13 just spammed my inbox.
He just created a Car Dice13 account.
Car Dice13 just dissed you.
by Moviecodec December 24, 2007
(verb) unable to be defeated.
He is car dice13, you can't beat him, noob.
by LOCO BUNNY LOL February 03, 2008
Car Dice13 is a god, or someone of omnipotent power.
Car Dice13 can do anything
by Anonymous452354 January 27, 2008
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