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Leader of Frieza's Ginyu Force. Their mission was to destroy Vegeta, Krillin and Gohan and to retrieve the dragon balls. They were successful in the later, but were all defeated. Captain Ginyu is the only surviving member of the Ginyu Force. He used his body-switching technique to change bodies with Goku. When he went to do the same with Vegeta, Goku interfered and got his body back. He tried a second time, and Goku threw a frog in the way causing him to switch bodies with the frog. In an anime filler, Bulma found the Ginyu frog and use a voice translator on it. Ginyu wasted no time in taking her body and coming to the scene of Goku and Frieza fighting. Bulma in the frogs body was able to follow. When the Z-Fighters realize that Captain Ginyu is in Bulma's body, he tries to switch bodies with Piccolo. Bulma (in the frogs body) was thrown by Gohan just in time to get her body back, changing Ginyu back into a frog.
That Captain Ginyu sure is an idiot.
by John Jacob Jingle-heimer Smitt April 01, 2006
Getting a picture of somebody else and photoshopping your face on their body.
lol dude I just Captain Ginyued LeBron James lol
by jmidd July 01, 2009
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