A paedophile hu has a cousin captain Japeye
by MeAd November 03, 2003
Top Definition
Bit of a wind up merchant who appears on the CFC Chat page
Likes to wind up other posters with strange paedophile like phrases
by Psychologist October 11, 2003
A paedophile hu lives on an island with kids.
Yarr kiddies its the fish finger pinchers Com ere me hearties grab hold ov me mast an quick check me cannon balls. Giv em a gd ol rub oooo yehh
by MeAd November 03, 2003
To finger a girl who was a vile odours seeping from her grizzly love cave. one preformed this act you become captain birds eye from the infamous fish finger band.

you may start as seaman birds eye but eventually rise to the rank of admiral birds eye once fingered enough rough girls.
John - i fingered Jane last night

Adam - wow man you've earn you rank of Captain Birds eye
by B.DOT-ONDAGE September 30, 2010
A lesbian boss at work.
"Look out here comes Captain Birdseye!"

"Why do you call her Captain Birdseye?"

"Coz she's got fish fingers".
by poosnackadoo June 18, 2013
Captain Paedophile Birdseye
Come Here Children
by Anonymous October 23, 2003
someone who doesnt shut up, waffles all the time. comes from birdseye potato waffles's mascot.
see hassle loads
Me: jen allen wrecks my head, she never shuts up.

Friend: yeah shes a captain birdseye for sure!
by red_knickers January 05, 2010

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