Basicly, me I am Captain Awesome. I reign supreme over all awesome, awesomeness, and anything to do with awesome. I am the one and only , the original, many have atempted to copy, none have succeeded.

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Spencer: Dude, how in the hell did you get mud on the roof of your truck?

Captain Awesome: I am Captain Awesome, thats how.
by Captain Awesome February 24, 2005
Top Definition
1] A person who is in charge of his/her team, group, club, or some entity consisting of multiple people, and overuses the word awesome, while still maintaining the leadership role!

2] In the hit NBC show "Chuck", Devon Woodcomb is referred to as Captain Awesome for his excessive usage of the word awesome.
1] "Captain Awesome, can I start in the big game tonight?"
"Sure, that would be awesome!"

2] "You still dating Captain Awesome?"
"Don't call him that, he doesn't use the word 'that' much?"
by itharmil August 27, 2009
Captain awesome is everything that is MAN at it's finest. while he is always awesome he goes the the casual name of Kevin in an effort to control the pure awesomeness.
Captain Awesome is fucking AWESOME.
you got killed by captain awesome. haha
by Websster's Dictionarypedia November 23, 2010
Somebody who overuses the word awesome and constantly refers to themselves as such but because they're so aswesome nobody cares.

Motto: Being awesome isn't easy, it's a way of life.

A Captain Awesome is awe inspiring and up there with heroes such as Chuck Norris.

Captains of Awesome can be male and female.
Sarah: OMG did you hear? Barney Stinson is suing Myspace for taking the name of what he calls everything around us!!

Bob: What?! Dude that's Chuck Norris...

Sarah: Oh well...Barney Stinson's better, he can kill two stones with one bird

Bob:...still Chuck Norris

Sarah: How can you tell them apart...they're both so AWESOME!

Amal:Not as awesome as fact im so awesome i might change my name to Captain Awesome.
by Mallie_Allie November 11, 2009
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