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To spill food on one's clothes during the process of eating (occurs primarily in a restaurant).
Cleatus and Billy Bob (a couple of slack-jawed yokels) were sucking down breakfast at the Waffle House and Cleatus spills buttery syrup all over his overalls.

"Dag gummit, Billy Bob! I capled my weddin' britches!
by Closeproximity June 10, 2008
Someone who is down with the kids; a true youngster
That lady is looking very caple today
by killthatsasquatch June 24, 2014
Like 'down with it' but cooler
Oh my god that's so caple!
by PigsRFat July 13, 2014
A man who is basically the biggest lying bastard that you will ever meet. He steals from friends and family, he tells lies that make 'Baron Munchausen (watch the film it's great!)' seem like a really truthful guy, and worst of all, despite participating in full ocntact sports, he NEVER washes!! So to sum it up, a Caple is a smelly, lying, thieving Wanker
Christ Mate, you smell worse than caple today!
by Smurfettes blue assed pimp January 03, 2005

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