Where when you have money you have power and respect. ^_^ capitalism is America's way of life & society, as communism is China's way of life & society.

Capitalism is the opposite of communism.
"Capitalism is better than communism in the long run. Think about it."
by Dave March 26, 2004
socialism is greed

the assholes at the top were even more greedy under socialist systems
forget your little pipedreams of utopia because the elites will always serve themselves and fuck the poor
by hippies lick ass April 07, 2004
An economic system that forces people to make something of themselves, instead of sitting around doing nothing and getting paid for it, like in stupid communist countries. Capitalism rewards the hardworking people of America and other capitalist countries...until the liberal government comes along and takes it away to give to the lazy faggots on welfare...
Welfare is stupid.
An economic policy that is mostly hated by white, middle class teenagers who don't want to work.
Get a job and stop bitching about capitalism.
by david smith, jr. July 10, 2008

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