The surest known process for separating the rich from the principled.
by Anonymous June 08, 2003
The political concept where each individual person is born (life) free (liberty). Thus the free individual has sole rights of self (property) and self-determination to remain free (pursuit of happiness).
The means of doing this is a peaceful participation in exchanging of goods and services with other individuals (market), who are also respected as free men, in a contract called society.

If everyone recognized the simplicity of these principles, a state would not be needed, but alas, for those who hate freedom, deny private ownership, or operate on pure greed at the expense of others' (nullifying their freedom), a limited state/government is a necessary evil to protect the individual's life, liberty, and pursuits of happiness.

This is Capitalism. There is no such thing as non-Capitalist economies, non-Capitalist economies like communism are merely state or collective capitalism.

So, in summary, there is either individual Capitalism (stated above) or collective/state capitalism (the numerous communism, socialism, monarchism, oligarchy variations).
by icomeinpeace July 13, 2010
1. A politico-economic system in which the owners of the most capital (means of production) use the government to steal the private property of the masses (often in the name of private property) via such measures as eminent domain, self-serving regulation, confiscatory taxation, inflationary spending, corporate bailouts, "too big to fail" doctrines, etc., in order to maintain their own position at the top of the wealth hierarchy.
2. A misnomer for the system combining social cooperation in the division of labor with respect for the private property of all, big and small. Properly called the free market.
The USA espouses capitalism, NOT the free market.
by therealjerry December 14, 2009
Sorry Uberman-you are mistaken. Capitalism is not based on greed, but rather based on the idea that the fruit of a man's labor belong to that man to decide how to use. It simplifies the barter system, by standardizing the trade mechanism into a form of "capital" (hence the term).

With capitalism, if I grow a better crop, I get to keep that crop and trade it for capital, which I can then use to purchase things I need. Rather than have to trade my wheat for chickens I don't need, to trade those for the iron I do need.

Under socialism or communism, individuals do not own/control the fruit of their labor, but rather the community or the Government does.

Not a very good thing.

Perversion of anything is bad...but don't blame the mechanism for the faults of humans.
Communism is where the government controls what's produced, socialism OWNS what's produced, and capitalism says "I earned it-it's bite me"
by Bob Smith23124 November 16, 2006
A form of government based entirely on the foundation of greed.
USA fat ass mcdonald munching pigs going for more oil in Iraq. Fighting for their so called "freedom".
What the hell is "freedom" anyway in USA?
by Uberman November 16, 2003
The beacon of inequality and greed. Adapted to work in unison exceptionally well natural flaws in people.

An economic system in which the aspect of potential greed is both exploited and glorified to the fullest.

A system that thrives on the destruction of people.

The prepetuation of the division between various social classes.
Capitalism fluctuates constantly therefore its destruction is inevitable, at one point or another.

(Great Depression anyone?)
by Expatriot August 26, 2004
Idea or system of government in which men may act on there own REASON.
CAPITALISM: A mans only limitation is the extent of his will.
SOCILISM: A man does what he is told nothing more nothing less...unless he likes dieing.
by Young calgar November 21, 2006

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