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The beacon of inequality and greed. Adapted to work in unison exceptionally well natural flaws in people.

An economic system in which the aspect of potential greed is both exploited and glorified to the fullest.

A system that thrives on the destruction of people.

The prepetuation of the division between various social classes.
Capitalism fluctuates constantly therefore its destruction is inevitable, at one point or another.

(Great Depression anyone?)
by Expatriot August 26, 2004
A form of government based entirely on the foundation of greed.
USA fat ass mcdonald munching pigs going for more oil in Iraq. Fighting for their so called "freedom".
What the hell is "freedom" anyway in USA?
by Uberman November 16, 2003
When the vaccine for the swine flu that is more dangerous than the flu itself is legal and approved by the government, and the people STUPIDLY rush to get it because of the superb PR strategies from the pharmaceuticals. Government sits back and does nothing, in fact u can't even sue the company and they r making millions of dollars, no one is held responsible for putting human lives in danger - capitalism.
OMG this flu is worse ever and I'm gonna die and it's gonna be pandemic so I better go get vaccinated while I do not have a clue that the vaccine is a moneymaking toxic machine cuz nobody told me. Oh wait, I live in capitalism. Maybe I should know better,,,
by toni79 September 28, 2009
The ONLY economic system that rewards people who are more intelligent and productive than others, as well as the ONLY system that promotes freedom, individualism, and human progress. As opposed to socialist systems which insist on equality ahead of anything else, equality which has to be ENFORCED by big government, and have led to tyranny in countries like Cuba, China, and especially the Soviet Union.

However, is not a perfect system, and does have some problems. Most of them are caused by the government because it is working in tandem with the private sector (see crony capitalism). Even crony capitalism is far better than socialism.

Unfortunately, capitalism has a bad name among young people these days, often associated with the words "pig", "bastard", and "evil." Maybe because they think that America (which is NOT a purely capitalist country, and is still basically the best country in the world) is the only example of capitalism, and they don't like the fact that they have to go out and get jobs.

Socialists advocate redistribution of wealth and worker-run companies. Communists advocate similar things, except enforced by totalitarianism. See Soviet Russia.
Suppose you are a highly intelligent, productive person.

Socialism: You live in a crappy housing block with some other intelligent, productive people, and some disgusting, unintelligent, unproductive bums, who make ABOUT as much money as you. You work a job assigned to you by the state, which most likely does not have anything to do with your skill set. You know you will never become wealthier or improve your lifestyle, so your motivation to work hard is almost nil.

Capitalism: You had a good idea and were good at business, so you live in a beautiful house, drinking expensive Champagne and surrounded by beautiful models, and do whatever the hell you want to all day. Well, OK, not always, but at least sometimes!

Me: I'm an intellectual, and I believe in capitalism.

Stupid teenager: I'm an intellectual, and I'm a socialist because I have read the writings of Marx and believe in public management of business.

Me: No, you're a stupid teenager, and you're a socialist because you don't want to get a DAMN job!
by Capitalism be da man March 16, 2011
A economic system based on private ownership, which people do criticize for making rich get richer and the poor get poorer, however they might fail to realize that capitalsim is not evil but abused by greedy fucked-up people who want more money only to lose it when they get the IRS or the Law on their assess. In short, capitalism may have it's faults but it can also be abused by greedy-fucked up people.
by We all are idotz September 19, 2009
A system where if you get a job and have a knack for buisness you can go anywhere. The system is usually shot down by lazy commie bloodsuckers.
Capitalism is one of the two sucsessful systems. The other is democracy
by Anonymous August 26, 2003
A economic system that doesn't exist. It exists only on paper, same as socialism and communism.

America - half capitalist half socialist
Communist Russia - Dictatorship (not communist)
by Nigger McCoon October 13, 2003