Something people hate for scores of reasons.
Something people like for one reason.
Capitalism=profit. Stop saying you "value individual rights" or "free market". If you really did believe in those, you'd be a socialist. Individual rights are oppressed in capitalism as companies are unaccountable private tyrannies. Markets aren't free when they oppress people like that. Your capitalism wouldn't exist if it weren't for the government-the Reagan administration was the most protectionist government ever. He's your champion of free market capitalism, right?

Just admit it-your a capitalist because you're a selfish dick.
by CrackaAssMotherfucka October 23, 2011
God's way of determining who is smart and who is poor.
-Capitalism: As defined by Ron Swanson.
by pops87 February 04, 2011
A system based on private property except only 1% of people are able to have that private property by leeching off from the other 90% labor.
What did Capitalism achieved in Russia that 70 years of "Communism" never could?

Make "Communism" look good!
by Joe lider February 03, 2010
Quite possibly the worst economic system ever developed. Essentially results in a cutthroat economy in which the poor become poorer and the rich become richer. Has likely resulted in vastly more that the 100 million deaths which communism is inaccurately attributed to having caused.
Capitalist: I've inherited all of this money, so I'll go and start a business where I rely on the labors of the minimum-wage proletariat, while I simply sit in my office all day, contributing nothing, all while being paid $5,000,000 a year! ¡Viva capitalism!
by Daedalus_Prime December 22, 2007
The social system that centers on the production and accumulation of wealth. Originates from the latin word "capita" which means "head" as in "heads of cattle".
Capitalism cannot easily fail, as it can rename "wealth" to whatever is suitable to ensure its survival.
by The eternal grunt May 27, 2004
A political system whereby the educated (rich) can expoit the uneducated (poor) to satisfy their own greed and lust for power. A system where a persons role in society is determined by the class he or she is born into. THIS IS MY MAIN PROBLEM WITH CAPITALISM. It is a natural progression from a dynastical system of government i.e from monarchy to the Bushes and Murdochs. Power and influence remains in the hands of the few ruling families. Relies on the ideas of social Darwinism, whereby corperations and nations behave like animals, competing with each other for resources (sound familiar?), and the fittest (or most ruthless and inhuman). The inevitable conclusion is that billions live in poverty while the lucky few live like kings. This new form of aristocrat treats those supposedly below him in the social heirarchy with disdain. Those with principals and compassion are ridiculed and treated as pariahs. With no central control or direction this will inevitably result in the squandering of the earths natural resources and the end of civilisaiton, unless a new, more efficient, fairer system is introduced. This is not communism (State controlled capitalism), and it is not anarchy. Capitalism cannot be sustained for much longer, although it did have one positive effect on humanity, modernisation through industrialisation. But its purpose has been fulfilled, the capitalists have to step aside and give the rest of us a go.
by Fisher September 24, 2003
God's way of determining who is smart, and who is poor.
Capitalism - Taking advantage of poor people since 1776 and also establishing world superpowers.
by Bacon is good August 13, 2015
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