Common synonym for greed
Hey! Capitalism! Didn't your mother ever tell you to share?
by Garface September 07, 2005
Terrible system where a lucky few are born into obscene wealth while the average person has to work 8 hours a day just to stay alive and those who can't find work starve to death.
We must never abandon capitalism because I deserved all 100 million of my dollars because I got lucky and was born into a rich family.
by Eddy December 23, 2003
Something I'd probably advocate if what the rich wanted us to believe was actually true, that the poor are lazy and the rich are hard working.
Moron: I'm a capitalist because I know that every poor person is lazy and that if I work hard, I'll be rich because only hard workers get rich.
Smart guy: So the rich never screw anyone over to get there?
Moron: Not at all! Don't let those stupid liberals convince you otherwise.
Smart guy: You think capitalism is perfect?
Moron: Yes!
by blackwhitebrown9 November 06, 2010
Capitalism is the refinement of all the ills of the free market -- such as the "bottom line" being more important than people, the emphasis on using money as the basis for measuring values, and the constant need for more and more that drives the system.

Capitalism is an inhuman force that pushes millions into poverty. It is a force that leads a small group of extremely powerful men to dominate the majority. In the quest for power, the capitalist not only rapes and pillages a few small villages and towns. The capitalist rapes entire markets and nations. This creates resentment for the wealthy. Because of this, the capitalist resents the majority in return, and fears them, too. Capitalists use their resources to isolate and protect themselves from the ever-increasing amount of victims tha they leave behind; they spend more and more on body guards and security to protect themselves from both real and imagined threats.

A capitalist society is a society ruled by money. The poor, which do not have access to the capital, are bantied about by economic forces. They are unwitting stooges, devoid of free will and hope. Capitalism is a society where an extremely small group of people live in unimaginable luxury and elegance while the rest of the world wallows in environmental degradation and increasing squalor. It is a society where the rich and powerful get richer and more powerful. It is a system where the ruling elite use their insider connections to grind the rest of the world under its heels. It is a world of monopoly, insider trading, financial scams and outright theft. Capitalism is an imbalanced mechanism for distributing power where the rich get richer and the poor to get poorer. The Wealthy capitalists use the government to do their bidding, whether they are stealing property from the less powerful by having the government take it over by imminant domain, and handing it over to themselves, or using our military to overthrow a poor nation that uninvites their industries in favor of local businesses.

Capitalism leaves, in it's wake, shattered lives, iniquity, and an uncaring attitude towards people.
Capitalism is the refinement of all the ills of the free market -- such as the "bottom line" being more important than people, the emphasis on using money as the basis for measuring values, and the constant need for more and more that drives the system.
by MarxistLore September 18, 2005
Capitalism is the economic/political theory in which it is assumed that all men are selfish and look to achieve one's self interest rather than altruism assuming that if each individual wishes to do well, he or she will do as well as his or her ability will so allow (survival of the fittest).

There are extreme equity issues with capitalism, but it still remains the best economic system used to date using the modern standard. While true equality is only a dream in modern liberal democracy, the lowest class is still better off than the lowest class in other economic systems.

In the meantime, many live without the luxuries of the wealthy. However the fact that most can live in a middle class in relative comfort supports the benefit for the greatest amount of people. Realistically, somebody will always be proletariat (bottom feeder).
Capitalism is the economic system in which THE MAN screws everyone else.
by b_husher April 25, 2005
God's way of determining who is smart and who is poor.
-Capitalism: As defined by Ron Swanson.
by bigtones05 February 04, 2011
Sorry Uberman-you are mistaken. Capitalism is not based on greed, but rather based on the idea that the fruit of a man's labor belong to that man to decide how to use. It simplifies the barter system, by standardizing the trade mechanism into a form of "capital" (hence the term).

With capitalism, if I grow a better crop, I get to keep that crop and trade it for capital, which I can then use to purchase things I need. Rather than have to trade my wheat for chickens I don't need, to trade those for the iron I do need.

Under socialism or communism, individuals do not own/control the fruit of their labor, but rather the community or the Government does.

Not a very good thing.

Perversion of anything is bad...but don't blame the mechanism for the faults of humans.
Communism is where the government controls what's produced, socialism OWNS what's produced, and capitalism says "I earned it-it's bite me"
by Bob Smith23124 November 16, 2006

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