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Having you and/or a freind find a jewish person, or somebody that resembles a jewish person and placing objects like cake tins or lunch box lids on their heads, whilst spouting 'Cap the Jew'. Anything can be used as a 'Jew cap' really, and the dirtier the better, you really want to mess up that jews hair in the process.
Capper 1: Antthony look at boris he looks like a fuckin jew
Capper 2 (Anthony): haha put that lid on his head like a jew cap
Capper 1 walks over to where the jew is standing and places himself behind the jew inconspicuously with the lunchbox lid behind his back
Capper 1: CAP THE JEW!
Capper 1 places the lid on the jews head resembling a jewish skulll cap and gets all manner of crums and shit in the jews hair, the jew seems embaressed and insulted, yet is too much of a jew to do anything about it
Capper 2: nice, you got that jew
by Sam gofton December 01, 2007
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