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(can-oot) - A tropical bird that lives in the depths of brain dysfunctions, caused by marijuana consumption, that is believed to have cannabis feathers. Has similarities some-what of an owl.
"It's a green and purple weed owl dude, common."

"I saw a magnificent Canoot when I took my twenty-third hit of a fat blunt."

- Josh
by RighteousRissa August 05, 2010
a substitute word for the amazing word CUNT.... this word canoot is great to use when you dont wnna get in trouble with cunts who doesnt like the word cunt!!!
yoo look its a cunt!!

dont say that say canoot
why the fuck wud i wnna say canoot its cunt or nuffin
u fucking canoot wanna fight ddgiraffe!!
by holland-are-cunts June 28, 2010
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