Noodling (trying to catch a catfish with your bare hands by wiggling your fingers or toes as bait) from a canoe in shallow water. Often results in a capsized canoe, in addition to the injuries common to noodling (snakebites and missing fingers).
Tom: Joe and Billybob went canoodling the other day.
Bud: That so?
Tom: Yeah they didn't say nothin'?
Bud: Sounds fun though. I been noodling but never in a canoe. Didn't hear a thing though.

Tom: Guess that figures - big son-of-a-bitch turned their whole boat over and Billybob lost his phone - but they got the sucker!
Bud: Oh man - I better head over and get me some of that catfish - have me a roast tonight.
Tom: Sounds like a plan - but better get over there 'fore they're done givin' it away - everybody else's heard already.
Bud: Sure thing - thanks Tom!
by mmmcookies April 28, 2012
Top Definition
snuggling, kissing, heavy petting, making out
After laying in bed talking and flirting for a while, we started canoodling.
by dbot April 30, 2003
The act of enjoying anothers company by getting close to them. This generally takes place on a couch and activities include but are not limited to: whispering, giggling, hot gossip, pillow talk, and squeezies. It IS socially acceptable to canoodle in areas with others, to a minimal degree, even when some believe it is not. Pillows and blankets are usually associated with canoodling as well. Some restrictions apply, results may vary.
Hey did you see Jon and his secret biddy canoodling last night?
by cis4cookie September 08, 2008
The eating of noodles whilst in a canoe.
Me and my sister got really hungry whilst out on the river, so we started canoodling.

This can also be performed in an eight man rowing boat, with seven of your closest friends and a large supply of noodles.
by '17 April 15, 2009
cuddling, when done in a more extreme, explosive-fashion, as if cuddling were directed by Michael Bay.
After cuddling and kissing for a long time, we started canoodling.
by willyftw November 09, 2010
An intense make out session characterized by extreme heavy petting, hair tousling and dry humping (grinding and scissoring are acceptable when canoodling occurs between two women). Participants are usually clothed. Action typically takes place on a couch in a high traffic common area, suitable for a quick cease of canoodling.
I hope Anna doesn't walk in on KC and I while we're canoodling on her couch this weekend.
by DickDownie and KC November 28, 2007
falling asleep with your limp noodle still inside a woman's canoe.
Harry and Sally had so much sex on their first date, that Harry got tired and began canoodling.
by Mr. and Mrs. Twat November 29, 2010
a mixture of cuddling and noodling
"Marina and Will were canoodling allllllll night long."
"Marina and Will love canoodling!"
by Bonfire August 12, 2007
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