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A cannabis connoisseur or enthusiast. Someone familiar with a variety cannabis strains, products, consumption methods and cultivation techniques. Someone who uses cannabis responsibly and productively to enhance their life. A cannoisseur counters traditionally negative pothead and stoner stereotypes.
This guy's a legit cannoisseur, you should see his collection of glass, flowers and concentrates - it's unreal.

You dab like a cannoisseur.

Those are some choice nuggets, cannoisseur grade.

That dispensary had a selection worthy of a cannoisseur.
by Cannoisseur July 09, 2012
A person who takes great care in the making and use of an
aluminum can used as a pipe for smoking crack cocaine on
a bed of ashes. Usually a person who will very seldom smoke
through a stem or shooter.
That crackhead makes one hell of a pipe with a coke can. He must be a "cannoisseur".
by rock star without a guitar January 19, 2008
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