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Cotton mouth. Dry mouth from smoking marijuana cigarettes, bongs, bowls, etc. Often accompanied with bad breath that wreaks of pot smoke (and maybe candy).

Milky-thick bong hits of purple dro make your mouth water when you inhale, but then dry your mouth out like you were chewing on a sweater when you blow out.

May also result from eating the stash to avoid getting busted by one time. Don't let cannibitosis get you arrested!
I broke up a nug of Gunk, packed it into the "Orange Crush," took a bong hit that made my mouth water like Juicy Juice but then I started suffering from the cannibitosis. I said "Yo! Can I get some drank?!"

Avoid awkward close contact cannibitosis-related incidents with nonsmokers (especially superiors) by chewing gum or washing your mouth out after you smoke from the peace pipe.
by Thugnificent466 March 08, 2010
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