Weed...marijuana...smoke that sh*t! Its here use it (personal use) ...not all of it but most of it! You can grow plants from weed seeds through a long process of cultivation. There are many things used to smoke cannabis: roll it up in a paper, enjoy it in a blunt, smoke it in a bowl, or a pipe, or hit that sh*t in a bong! There is also hookahs which are said to be used for tobacco but you can smoke cannibis in that and it gets you HIGHER than f*ck but is recommended to have a large quanity of weed! This is a small hallucinogen! From what you may have heard this does NOT make you trip... it will make seasonal smokers (those who smoke often) just make calm and realxed but for beginners it will make you feel like your head is moving faster than your body when you move and beginners (those who dont smoke or have only smoke 2 times) often tend to talk or jitter obecause they cant stop moving! Cannabis is a drug and is illegal but among thousands of hundereds of people are smoking it. There fore I think it should be legal! Cannabis is also the drug used to halp relive pain of those who have cataract or are in deep depth. You can trip off smoking some types of cannabis and they can be laced! Go SMOKE UP! NOW!!!

Peer Pressure: This is a mis CONSUMTION of blaming something you wanted to do risking you getting in trouble and blaming it on someone else! Thats for P*SSY *SS B*TCHES who need a reason to do bad sh*t and blame it on others..


No one can make you do something you dont realy wanna do deep down..you can always walk away or say NO ...you have a VOICE use it! Dont BLAME!
or Marijuana as it is also known, is a member of the hemp family of plants.

The buds are then harvested, dried and sold. When smoked Cannabis is known to give effects which can include :- Light Headedness, Sensory Overload, Paranoia, Mild Scizophrenia(in bad cases) and has also be known to cause many other effects including in certain cases, death (VERY SEVERE CASE)
Don't drink and drive, smoke weed and fly...
by The Definition Machine January 29, 2005
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