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An awesome person who is awesome in many ways. She is this loud person that makes a party awesome when she's there, and doesn't use the word awesome that often, she usually has a few words to say, explicit sometimes, and knows how to control it sometimes, sometimes! She's a really amazing friend and will beat the crap out of someone who makes her friend cry or sad. Candria reads a lot of series and gets hyperactive when it comes to those climax scenes. She's a writer and, though she writes short, she has characters that are fun to meet and talk to. She is NOT MENTAL, but she has friends that are mental and always tries to stick in. She can make people feel happy even when they're not and she knows when words aren't enough she'll give ya a hug! The BEST FRIEND EVER!!
Hey, did you meet Candria?

Yeah, I was sad, so she gave me a hug.


I'm happy!
by ARGS102014 February 27, 2012

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