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An Asian who lives in Canada
Wow, look at that canasian there!
by Pork TheOtherWhite Meat September 04, 2003
one who is half asian, and half canadian. usually very badass and likes to dance. and enjoys immense ammounts of salads. their names sometimes rhyme.
sarah kambara is such a canasian. geez.
by Beccah G July 11, 2006
canada residing asians
We went up to Toronto this weekend and saw the cutest Canasian kids getting off the school bus!
by unicorngaga November 12, 2010
An Asian Canadian or a Canadian Asian if you prefer...
Dude! I'm dating a hot Canasian! Her beaver's slanted!
by Anthony Swizz December 04, 2007
A Canazn is an asian with a canadian citizenship in which they are born in canada but there parents are born of there native country. A Canazn is not looked down apoun as much an Canasian, and is much more respected.
I feel sympathy for you, you canazn
by Philip September 04, 2003
An Asian-Canadian. A term often used in NW Washington referring to the fact that a minivan with British Columbian plates just changed lanes directly towards your vehicle without signaling or looking.
Friend 1: Man, I was out riding my bike today and I SWEAR every Canasian driving a minivan on I-5 tried to run me off the road without even looking.
Friend 2: Welcome to Bellingham.
by BellingHamster2 July 16, 2010
A Canadian and an Asian person mixed
A chink from canada that was born there but has chink eyes
by Caroline Rivera March 16, 2005
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