previously known as the beaver, and recently brought to light by conservative comic Stephen Colbert from a recent trip with our winter olympic team to Canada;
canadian history is a sexual act performed by two mounties, a civilian with the use of a moose, a stanley cup , maple syrup, and a beaver. In this act a mounty preferably a male is sodomized by a the moose while the other one cuddles on the floor with the stanley cup while performing felacio on the civilian who had already trapped the beaver in his anus. This sexual act is all made possible due to the extent use of maple syrup as a form of lubricant.
for example: Talk show host stephen colbert recently gained a wide knowledge of "canadian history" from his recent trip up north this winter.

slogans: canada where a moose can get loose!
where mounties would mount you!

and my favorite
canada, where stephen colbert stuck a beaver in his derriere!
by negprop February 06, 2010
A nation's history of diversity, struggle, and great success just like in any other country.

Nothing makes this Country's history better or worse then any other country's

It is not a extreme sexual act as suggested by Steven Colbert, on the Colbert Report

Is something most American's dont know anything about (See Rick mercer asks American's)
A subject taught in Canadian schools to share Canadian history with Canadian Children.

A subject in which the War of 1812 is shared and is talked about how Canada took over and burnt down the white house.
by Bexstead February 05, 2010
a term coined by canadian "mount"ies for when you use maple syrup as lubrication to insert the whole of the stanley cup in your rectum while wearing moose antlers and screaming wayne gretzky's is my daddy!
all we did in class today was learn about canadian history

i was so excited aboot that hockey game i decided to do a little canadian history last night

wayne gretzky is the only important part of canada's history so im going to go do some canadian history
by SANDMAN!!!! February 05, 2010
The act of pouring maple syrup on moose horns. Then using it for sodomy.
Hey dude I walked in on my girlfriend she was doing the Canadian history with the horns!
by February 04, 2010
The historical Canadian sexual position is where the receiver is bobbing for "chocolate apples" in a public restroom while being fucked in the ass, using maple syrup as lube. The giver should be wearing an American flag and facing north.
Yesterday was just another Canadian history lesson in Thunder Bay
by Artdickyoulate February 06, 2010
A sex act where one person defecates on the other's chest and then rubs the excrement on that person's face after mixing it with maple syrup while taxing the everloving shit out of them.
She was so nasty, she asked me for a Canadian History, man! I still can't wash the Quebec smell off of my bedsheets!
by ColbertFan69 February 04, 2010
Performing the act of sex known in America as "doggie "style, but in Canada as "moose" style while in the snow, yelling "ey" instead of "O", while at the same time giving your parnter a maple syrup enema.
In a 2009 article in The Beaver, Canadian History was reported as one of Prime Minister Stephen Harpers favorite past times.
by Kid Kracker Jack February 05, 2010

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