Self employed, driving the company car, married to a wife who works, good credit, a house, and a cat and dog, and a good retirement fund in their 30's-40's, bills paid on time all the time and most importantly..good health + free gas.
Damn, what have I done wrong? I don't know if it was working for mcdonalds, owning a shitbox, married the wrong woman, bad credit, renting a house, the wrong pets, late bills, or this habbit of smoking that cost me my retirement fund and health and gas money.
by Mitchyb June 02, 2005
Top Definition
Like the American Dream, except you follow your dreams and still help a brother out. And you don't exploit people.
Sam Roberts: "I went out on the street today, the Canadian Dream was as far away as it's ever been..."
by cheesedoo October 21, 2008
1. To live off welfare without ever working or putting any effort.

2. To be a parasite, usually depending on government handouts to survive.
"That dude has never worked in his life but he's living in that luxury condo in Toronto"

"Man, that sure is the Canadian dream eh?"

"Yeah, God bless welfare"
by nagelotrurh June 20, 2006
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