A store in Canada that sells anything from car parts, to Christmas Trees, to lawnmowers, to coffee makers. The only thing Canadian Tire doesn't sell is furniture and food.

Most of their tools are either Mastercraft, Black & Decker or Skil brand tools.
I'm off to Canadian Tire to get a new socket set. Man the drill looks like it's a great buy...I think I'll get myself a new electric drill.
by Glflegolas April 22, 2013
Top Definition
A franchised store from Canada that sells everything from automotive parts to Christmas trees.
I'm going to go buy some more motor oil at Canadian Tire
by Xelopheris February 03, 2005
A great place to pick up hot Canadian chicks.
John met Amy at Canadian Tire while he was getting his car fixed, and couldn't wait to bang her.
by Tomato Head October 12, 2006
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