the act of using a crazy straw to enable going down on a woman deeply for an extended period of time.
Dave went down on Becky for so long, he had to bust out a Canadian Snorkel. She wants to marry him now.
by Gamilon April 15, 2010
Top Definition
The act of tossing salad with penis shaft in the air in one hand while the balls rest on one's nose. A variation of the rusty trombone. You must make a disgusted face while licking to breath.
This bitch gave me a Canadian Snorkel last night, I loved it!
by Alex Crowder and Brian Oniel November 25, 2007
Two people fill their asses with air using a bicycle pump, air compressor, etc. Then proceed to sink themselves in a body of water using large stones until they reach the bottom. From there on the use the air in their asses to keep them oxygenated prolonging the amount of time they have for underwater exploration.
Josh - "Al and Sean have sure been down there for a while"

Savanna - "Yea, they're probably the best Canadian Snorkelers I've ever seen"
by Torque Lewith March 18, 2014
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