A sexual act that involves burnt pubic hair covered in wax that is in the shape of a dildo used to apply lubricant to the clevage of a 500 pound prostitute from Alabama so that her dog can lick peanut butter off her arm pit.
The prostitute from Alabama taught me Canadian History.
by ABC123 don't touch me. February 05, 2010
step 1. dump maple syrup on a sleeping mans flaccid venison stick.

step 2 wait about two hours for the maple syrup to crystalize and get hard, eh.

Step 3 Wake up the sleeping canuck with moose porn which don't cha know gives every canadian man a woody faster than any canadian bacon strip ever could

step 4. laugh at the stupid canuck
Canadian History is why wayne gretzky's wang actually looks like a hockey stick
by Maximus D Meryan February 05, 2010
A Mountie with a Granny Fetish
My porn-addict friend is 'totally' into Canadian History. OK.. it's not really a friend.
by nottomwaits February 05, 2010
Used to refer to something very sad that should be forgotten.
John's death is like Canadian History.
by Riptides February 04, 2010
The act of beating a moose to death with a hockey stick, cutting off the antlers, and sodomizing somebody as they drink maple syrup out of the Stanley Cup and rapidly speak French.
Get away from that moose, unless you're gonna Canadian History someone.
by NardsOfDoom February 05, 2010
Shit bags full of cock rocks and a pussy farting moose inside a Stanley cup after it has been shoved repeatedly and forcibly into a maple-syrup lubricated rectum.
Canadian History is indicative of the current state of society.
by Genius Industries February 05, 2010
A non existent part of history
no example available for Canadian History
by bigblackhawk February 05, 2010
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