A sexual act more vulgar, depraved, and degrading than The Aristocrats. A woman is bound and gagged and forced down onto her hands and knees, where a man pours several bottles of maple syrup on the Stanley Cup before forcibly inserting it into her ass. The woman must then keep the trophy in her ass as the man stands the Stanley Cup upright. He then puts on a set of moose antlers, climbs up the cup and on top of the woman, where he fucks her pussy and forces the Stanley Cup deeper into her ass.
Any man that can perform Canada's History on a woman must be a god!
by TheChill51999 February 04, 2010
Maple syrup chuggin, Beaver lovin, Mounty huggin, AYE?!

What's all this aboot.
Kids these days like the pokemon
Kids these days like the rap music

Canada is Americas hat

That's Canada's History DERP
by KYLES MOM February 04, 2010
a sex act in which you hire 10 clowns to put on hockey uniforms and sodomize you repeatedly with the branch from a maple tree.
if i won the lottery i would totally get me some canadas history
by big swinging dick February 04, 2010
Coating your partner in maple syrup and than beating them in the head with the Stanley cup so you can proceed to anally rape them with moose's antlers
Dude, I totally gave your mom Canada's history last night.
by J_Sierra February 04, 2010
A sexual act in which you attempt to insert multiple objects into a single orifice, usually objects you've used before.

For example, if a woman has had sex with five guys and used two dildos in her lifetime, she attempts to insert those five penises and two dildos into her uterus or anus.
Guy 1: Dude, I told my girl about "Canada's History."
Guy 2: Is she gonna try it?
Guy 1: Um...she says there are a lot of things...um..."in her past."
by Suzy Palanski February 04, 2010
The most depreaved sex act ever, it involves Colin Mochrie, Avril Lavigne a hockey stick and maple syrup.
Dude I totattly just gave that chick Canada's history last night.
by someone666666 February 04, 2010
a depraved sex act performed with moose antlers, maple syrup and the stanley cup
mary was so good at performing canada's history that the red wings don't really try anymore.
by badandy2021 February 04, 2010
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