A depraved and unusually common sexual act, by which a Canadian tourist and an American engage in anal sex using maple syrup as the lubricant. Upon reaching completion, the Canadian pulls out and donkey punches the American, slipping out the back door and proceeding to burn down her house (as was common in 1812).
Guy 1: Where'd you end up last night?

Guy 2: I took that yankee back to her place and gave her a taste of Canadas History.
#donkey punch #americas history #canada #america #maple syrup
by drrary February 17, 2010
The act of reclining nude on a chesterfield while seductively licking poutine.
Catherine was studying canadas history and that shit was sloppy!
#canadian history #canadas history #poutine #chesterfield #colbert
by envia February 05, 2010
A sexual act requiring four participants: 2 men; 1 young woman; and one elderly woman, ideally from montreal. Also necessary are a pair of moose antlers; a gallon jug of maple syrup; and ideally the stanley cup, although a replica can be substituted. The act begins with the young woman, called "Alberta Bertha," strapping on a large prosthetic penis carved from a walrus tusk and having lubricated it with maple syrup penetrates the rectum of one of the young men. This young man, the "Toronto Blue Jay," faces away from the woman penetrating him, bends over, reaches between his spread legs and grips her ankles firmly. The second man, called the "Buttfuckin canuck," stands behind the young woman and inserts his penis in her rectum while simultaneously penetrating her vaginally with one end of the moose antlers. The elderly french canadian woman then kneels behind the second man, inserting the other end of the moose antlers into her own vagina, and licks his rectum while masturbating with two fistfuls of french fries covered in gravy. For this reason she is called the "Madame Poutin." Extra fries, gravy, and maple syrup for lubricant are kept close at hand in the stanley cup. The resulting configuration of bodies in silhouette closely resembles the stylized maple leaf on the Canadian flag. Purists prefer there to be a heavily medicated beaver present, altho most modern practitioners consider The Beaver to be outmoded in the internet age.
"Hey hoser, look at that granny and her grand daughter over there. It'd be great to hook up with them for a Canada's History, eh?"
#canadian history #santorum #vancouver history lesson #klondike sutra #yukon gold #nova scotia high ride
by Father Partridge Family Values February 05, 2010
An erotic sexual act to welcome the end of winter and the coming of the spring. The woman is cradled in the majestic antlers of a fallen moose, reciting Margaret Atwood poetry. A mountie lovingly drizzles warm maple syrup all over her body. The mountie then kneels before the woman, representing the sovereignty of the queen, and selflessly performs cunnilungus on her. When she has come once, he uses a dildo in the shape of Ryan Gosling's penis (which is large) until she ejaculates into the Stanley Cup. The mountie then gladly drinks the warm liquid and sings "Oh Canada."
In April, Steven Harper performed Canada's history in the role of the mounty in parliament.
#canadas history #stephen colbert #not rape-y #feminist sex #alanis moorisette
by Sarah McLachlan's Love Child February 05, 2010
Also called "The CH," A depraved act mostly done only by those who also procrasturbate (using masturbation to otherwise occupy yourself while pressing matters await) more than three times on any given day.

Fill the Stanley cup with male release, mix this with Maple syrup using moose antlers to stir and spread it over your partner like your basting a turkey...take a picture and walk away afterwards photoshopping the queens head onto the body. Then proceed to procrasturbate.
Dued even youporn wasn't getting me off, I had to go and canada's history like three different people. It was CRAZY!!
#canadas #canada's #history #histery #canada's history #canada's histry
by Mr. Hulumpagous February 05, 2010
A crazy sex act that cannot be spoken of on tv involving moose antlers, maple syrup, and the Stanly Cup.
I just gave her the craziest canada's history of her life!
#canada #sex #moose #syrup #stanly cup
by colbertfan813 February 04, 2010
A sexual act so vile and depraved it is almost a violation of the FCC for Stephen Colbert to mention it on T.V. It involves drinking vaginal fluid, piss, shit and semen out of the Stanley cup, while getting gored in the ass by a moose's antler dipped in maple syrup (the moose is also getting fucked in the ass), then puking all the substances out into the cup then switching roles with your partner and allowing them to drink from the cup, in a vicious, sexually depraved cycle.
Last night she tried to teach me Canada's history - I got the fuck outta there as soon as I saw the moose.
#colbert #canada #history #abstinence #sex
by Shaggy1692 March 02, 2010
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