A depraved and unusually common sexual act, by which a Canadian tourist and an American engage in anal sex using maple syrup as the lubricant. Upon reaching completion, the Canadian pulls out and donkey punches the American, slipping out the back door and proceeding to burn down her house (as was common in 1812).
Guy 1: Where'd you end up last night?

Guy 2: I took that yankee back to her place and gave her a taste of Canadas History.
by drrary February 17, 2010
The act of reclining nude on a chesterfield while seductively licking poutine.
Catherine was studying canadas history and that shit was sloppy!
by envia February 05, 2010
A crazy sex act that cannot be spoken of on tv involving moose antlers, maple syrup, and the Stanly Cup.
I just gave her the craziest canada's history of her life!
by colbertfan813 February 04, 2010
1. when your uncle ties your socks together while youre sleeping

2. when a registered sex offender wins the lottery.

3. when a transgendered moose gets a maple syrup enema and farts it out all over the stanely cup which is held by a lumberjack with a bad attitude, wild eyes and a shit eating grin on his face.
uncle john canadas history 'd me last christmas and i broke my arm.
by HighSnowLordofTheBlowLands February 06, 2010
An erotic sexual act to welcome the end of winter and the coming of the spring. The woman is cradled in the majestic antlers of a fallen moose, reciting Margaret Atwood poetry. A mountie lovingly drizzles warm maple syrup all over her body. The mountie then kneels before the woman, representing the sovereignty of the queen, and selflessly performs cunnilungus on her. When she has come once, he uses a dildo in the shape of Ryan Gosling's penis (which is large) until she ejaculates into the Stanley Cup. The mountie then gladly drinks the warm liquid and sings "Oh Canada."
In April, Steven Harper performed Canada's history in the role of the mounty in parliament.
by Sarah McLachlan's Love Child February 05, 2010
Also called "The CH," A depraved act mostly done only by those who also procrasturbate (using masturbation to otherwise occupy yourself while pressing matters await) more than three times on any given day.

Fill the Stanley cup with male release, mix this with Maple syrup using moose antlers to stir and spread it over your partner like your basting a turkey...take a picture and walk away afterwards photoshopping the queens head onto the body. Then proceed to procrasturbate.
Dued even youporn wasn't getting me off, I had to go and canada's history like three different people. It was CRAZY!!
by Mr. Hulumpagous February 05, 2010
The 'Canada's History' is an extremely vile, yet strangely satisfying, sex act that originated in the Moose Jaw, SK, General Hospital Psychiatric ward in 1987. It is now practiced throughout Canada, especially in the cold parts, by children, adults, and seniors alike. The act itself involves the male genitalia being dipped in maple syrup before being made to negotiate a pair of Moose antlers which have been strapped to the female's groin area. Male beginners at this move may choose to wear a protective sports cup on the their groin while practicing this skill with their friends--this is often referred to on the schoolyards of Canada as the "Stanley Cup". Regional differences do exist in regards to the 'Canada's History' however. In maritime Canada and northern Quebec, where human-looking and smelling females have long since become extinct, the use of a seal instead of a human female is accepted. While the normal version of the "Canada's History" is culminated by both parties needlessly apologizing to each other, the Maritime/N. Quebec version ends with the clubbing of the aforementioned seal.
"I wonder if mom and dad know we can hear them doing the Canada's History"
by iamnotacrook February 06, 2010

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