The act of inducing labor with a non-pregnant male with a hockey stick dipped in syrup.
Last week a friend of mine experienced Canadas History and was killed.
by projectA91 February 05, 2010
When you pour maple syrup all over your balls and dip them in someones mouth while pissing up their nose and shitting on a Canadian flag
Yo i just saw a video online of someone giving a Canadas History to some slut
by Peter McPeterson February 04, 2010
An incredibly depraved sex act that includes moose antlers, a jug of maple syrup and the Stanley Cup.
The most difficult part of this sex act is "getting it all in there".
So... You wanna come back to my place and explore canadashistory?
by TheCanfield February 04, 2010
CH is a special act during which a prepubescent male moose is fed maple syrup for no less than 3 months, during that time all fecal matter is collected in a cup-like vessel made of silver and nickel-alloy commonly refereed to as the Stanley Cup.

After that time the moose is sure to have died of diabetes and its set of antlers and the filled cup are used to disable all inhibitions in post-menopausal killer-whales which in turn enables cross breeding with African Elephants to help stabilize their numbers.
This has led to an increase in Elephants over the recent months and their status as an endangered species is close to being revoked.
Thanks to Canadas History, we can start poaching again.

If it weren't for a lot of Canada's History, ebony would be twice as expensive
by Africanelephantlover February 05, 2010
The act of a man or several men getting hammered drunk on yukon jack dressed as moose. The men then take large swigs of maple syrup and spit it in eachothers assholes. The men all clench their anuses, holding the syrup in, for twelve minutes, then splash it all into the Stanley Cup without Stanley Cup trophies generally use commemorative Canada mugs sold to tourists. They then drink the syrup out of the cup. Then they fuck. In the butt.
"So me and Martin went over to Willies house and made some more Canadas History. Wicked sloppy."

"Gross bro."
by Jet Jaguar February 04, 2010
fucking a chick while using the stanley cup as a condom while shoving a moose antler up each of your asses and using a jug of maple syrup as lube
Putting everything in there is the hardest part of performing Canadas History
by FenrisWolfbrood February 04, 2010
Canadas History is a process whereby a large group of historical items is inserted into an orifice over a time period of at least 42 hours. It has been said that many of Canada's politicians and schoolchildren are in fact quite well versed in Canada's History but students of American history know that to not be the case. Some might even say that in Canada the real history buffs do it in the butt.
She wanted the wheelbarrow but I was all like, bitch if you aren't going to do the dishes we're going to get Canadas History up in here - And by up in here I mean up in you.
by History buffs February 04, 2010

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