The only country with the balls to fight hard and the pussies to do it for somebody else.
Guy 1: Wow, Canada did a lot in WWI.
Guy 2: Yeah, but did you know that they didn't even fight for their independence?
by TTTP May 28, 2007
America's meat wallet

A place of little importance on a global scale.
Canada can get toned.
by Toned-Jonny-Ys-Mom July 16, 2008
The largest French popupulation in the world not to surrender to the Germans
"Look at all those Canadians. They're lucky America is next to them."
by Eric Kinneary February 28, 2004
A large North American waste of space in which there is no written or spoken language, and citizens communitecate through a series of uninteligiable grunts, and excessive beating o the chest. Engagement in normal day to day activities is non-exitent, and no sign of typical human behavior and emotions are shown.
"ugh, ugh, ugh , eeeehhhhhhhhh!"

Canada gets its name: (Letters from a hat) "C, eh? N, eh? D, eh? C-A-N-A-D-A!"
by Ryan Ogle April 12, 2008
America's hat
Maple Syrup is the only thing Canada's good for.
by NeonFlame July 10, 2008
A hat for America aka America's hat.
Hey dude, wanna go to Canada? Nahh i dont wanna get lice.
by I will never tell! November 02, 2007
an extremely big hat
"Thats a damn nice canada. It adorns your cranium beautifully."
by John Stu aka Brother Stu November 05, 2006
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