1. (n.) Also known to most of the world as Canadia, Canada is "America's hat." Canada is known for its immense maple tree supply, saying "aboot" and "eh?", and lots and lots of mooses.

2. (adj.) Super cool; most excellent; awesome

3. (n.) A hat (specifically a hat belonging to the U.S.A.)

4. (n.) One who has the quality and/or ability to talk in a Canadian fashion; One who uses "eh?" and "aboot" and mostly replaces "ou" with "oo".
1. "Hey, Jim, have you heard about that new Canadia -I mean Canada- place? I went there, like, last week, man!"

2. "Wow, check out that dude over there. He's so Canada!"

3. "Yo, dude! Check out that weird Canada-thing above us on this map!"

4. "Hello, guys. What was all that ruckus aboot at your hoose last night, eh?"

"Wow, he's such a Canada."
by Canadia Fan April 04, 2008
America, Jr.
I would like to propose a toast to Canada: "To America, Jr."

by JPB03234 October 05, 2007
America's hat.
Canada is America's hat.
by UncleSamenumerouno September 06, 2008
this is in response to some reasons to be proud to be canadian. (jordan, first post under search "canadian") each number is a smartass answer to each numbered reason he put.

1. canadian smarties are just cheap m&m's
2. ive had crispy crunch, it sucks
3. canadian football is gay
4. baseball is not canadian (doubleday dumass)
5. lacrosse is native american
6. i'll give u hockey
7. basketball is american (naysmith dumass)
8. apple pie isnt canadian, syrup is
9. idk wat mr. dress-up is, but it sounds like a pervert created it
10. ive been to tim hortons, it sucks
11. the canadians didnt fight in 1812, the british that were living there did
12. canada didnt surrender to germany b/c they didnt fight, america did and still didnt surrender
13. who cares if the english didnt ever surrender there, what does taht have to do with bitch lumberjacks?
14. if u think a bar fight is a war, that only makes people thinks canadians are bitches
15. ya, same comment as the last one
16. plaid is gay, no one in seattle thinks its cool
17. they never owned 10% of anything, do ur dam research
18. thats why we americans have guns, unlike ur poor ass's
19. that one makes no sense
20. we dont consider rednecks american, besides at least we dont chop trees for a living
21. u have no idea what ur talking about, the only thing of those u invented was velcro, and they only use velcro on kids shoes anyway
22. if u have ever gotten ur tongue stuck on a pole, then ur a fag
23. a canadian didnt invent superman, and even if he did, why do u think he made him an american business man?

basically, whatim trying to say is you're either a bad liar, or a dumass canadian, which is it?
and oh yeah, ur elections only take one day b/c they fix them all

how aboot them apples, eh?

canada sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by greenburg February 15, 2008
America's meat wallet

A place of little importance on a global scale.
Canada can get toned.
by Toned-Jonny-Ys-Mom July 16, 2008
A large North American waste of space in which there is no written or spoken language, and citizens communitecate through a series of uninteligiable grunts, and excessive beating o the chest. Engagement in normal day to day activities is non-exitent, and no sign of typical human behavior and emotions are shown.
"ugh, ugh, ugh , eeeehhhhhhhhh!"

Canada gets its name: (Letters from a hat) "C, eh? N, eh? D, eh? C-A-N-A-D-A!"
by Ryan Ogle April 12, 2008
The only country with the balls to fight hard and the pussies to do it for somebody else.
Guy 1: Wow, Canada did a lot in WWI.
Guy 2: Yeah, but did you know that they didn't even fight for their independence?
by TTTP May 28, 2007

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