A country full of people who are suffering from inferiority complexes because they are not from the United States. (see previous UD definitions)These people, known colloquially as 'Canadians' are also perplexed by the fact that the place that they find so amazing and perfect is inhabited by so few people compared to many third world, developing, and industrialized countries.
Canada is great! We promise! We aren't jerks like America!
by bigblock February 10, 2008
A country that serves poop, pee, and diarrhea platters to its patrons. Avoid the restaurants at all costs. Its Executive Prime Minister likes to hit birds all the time and gets nothing accomplished in his 50-year terms. Its citizens run around screaming all the time and they are so intellectually capable they can recite the entire works of Shakespeare while riding a unicycle underwater. Its Executivs Prime Minister takes a liking to sexually abusing bats occasionally.
Canada is a place that only psychos and Tim Russert goes.
by Barry Trotter March 14, 2007
America’s stalker. Canadians obsess over Americans and we barely remember you exist.
Eww gross – there’s heavy-breathing Canada in the bushes jerking off to a picture of the US.
by dick09 March 14, 2010
The plywood tree fort in a backyard where a really great pool party is taking place.
"Want to go up to Canada?"
by OneTwentyOhNine September 18, 2008
where doctors want to go to America. ; lack of doctors
a woman:My baby's gonna come out!!!
nurse: make an appoinment, it'll be in 5 weeks.
by anonymous July 23, 2003
Americas hat
by Zinkta January 01, 2009
america's hat

this definition must be longer than 20 letters.
wow, canada looks so great on america.
by McNugget's January 30, 2008

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