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The United States' National Moose Preserve.
I think it's just great that we have set aside Canada as our designated National Moose Preserve. I'm not sure which president did it, but score an environmental point for him! We need more presidents like that before the environment is completely shot to hell.
by Nancy Dragoin November 02, 2007
The hat worn by the Greatest Country on Earth, the United States of America.
I'm going to go to Canada. I hope it doesn't fall off our head!
by Arctic Wasp January 27, 2008
A country that lives under the shadow of the US and can't even figure out that it's just a low budget version of America.
SockMonkey on urbandictionary: The only country to successfully invade the United States and burn down the White House.
Reader: Is that the best you got, Canada? Have you been sitting with your thumbs up your asses boosting about that for the last 200 years? Weren't the british the ones that actually burned down the White House?
by Jack Ripley December 06, 2006
America's hat.
Canada is America's hat.
by wasd1234ap August 03, 2008
america's baseball cap.

but i wish i lived there. a little bit.
nobody gets killed in canada!
by kccc =] August 07, 2007
America's suburb to the north.
Canada is to America as Agrestic is to Los Angeles
by Tera-Watt August 10, 2008
1. (n.) Also known to most of the world as Canadia, Canada is "America's hat." Canada is known for its immense maple tree supply, saying "aboot" and "eh?", and lots and lots of mooses.

2. (adj.) Super cool; most excellent; awesome

3. (n.) A hat (specifically a hat belonging to the U.S.A.)

4. (n.) One who has the quality and/or ability to talk in a Canadian fashion; One who uses "eh?" and "aboot" and mostly replaces "ou" with "oo".
1. "Hey, Jim, have you heard about that new Canadia -I mean Canada- place? I went there, like, last week, man!"

2. "Wow, check out that dude over there. He's so Canada!"

3. "Yo, dude! Check out that weird Canada-thing above us on this map!"

4. "Hello, guys. What was all that ruckus aboot at your hoose last night, eh?"

"Wow, he's such a Canada."
by Canadia Fan April 04, 2008