The country where they film the best show in the world... Degrassi
Canada is the most awsomest place in the world... let's go watch Degrassi
by Barbie0822 July 25, 2005
Many definitions for this one:

1. A place where the natives take white peoples money, drink a lot and leave their children to become cretins just like themselves then blame white people for their actions. They are cared for more than white people and immigrants put together.

2. A place where immigrants and black people are treated like terrorists, and get low education compared to all the natives and whites.

3. A democracy.
No example needed. Just come to Canada and see for yourself.
by x_Winterpegger_x December 28, 2010
Canada many have said is the land that the Usa wouldnt waste the time it would take to bash all 9 of the mounties that protect that barren land to plunder and pillage everything the retarded people that dont know any better then to move to a real country, but that just isnt true. The USA is way too smart to waste the one soldier that it would take to conquer the land because the great USA knows that if they wanted the only good things that come out of Canada, the whiskey, the weed, the oil, and the whores, all they would need to do is hold up a shiny nickel and lead all of the idiots to the tundra. Though all isnt lost, Canada is holding the olympics this year and have began the first ever, sure to be the most popular and famous game of all time called " Stoning the stupid fucking Canadian " , with the USA sure to take all medals in this great event !! There is only just one problem though, all residents qualify to take part, and there just is not enough time to let every qualifier to take part !!
Hey Dude, you ever been to Canada ?? What the fuck you talking about ?? Sure I been to Canada, isnt that where the USA ships all the retards to ?? Canada is gonna be the new Asia right ??
by The proud Intelligent American February 07, 2010
a term used in German concentration camps during the Second World War to refer to the building where valuables confiscated from prisoners were kept; German prison guards thought of Canada as a non-specific place of great wealth; for prisoners, 'Canada' connoted both wealth and freedom.
Gold confiscated from the prisoners went to Canada.
by wellwell January 28, 2009
The second best country in the world, bested by Japan.
George: I went to Canada over summer vacation.

Tim: I went to Japan.

George: Damn it...
by SawronZXZ January 20, 2010
Americas hat.
jk A country above the U.S where ppl live in regular houses and a regular city and smoke guanja a lot.
Except for some places there is igloos and inuits (Eskimos)and Canadians do say "eh" A LOT! i have an Ethiopian-Canadian cousin from toronto and he says it so much its annoying!
Canada is also very diverse. From what ive seen there are more foreigners in Canada than America. They go there because its safe and free health care and blah blah blah! They go there because its easier to start a new life and find weed plain and simple.
Some of the french canadians are kind of racist but everyone is else is cool.

America is still kinda doper than canada. theres not that much excitement or famous ppl except for some comedians. lol
Me: Bro im goin to Canada for the weekend
My Friend: are you gonna live in a igloo or a log cabin?
ME: a condo....
My Friend: Is that short for "condonsation"?! Your gonna sleep in the snow?!
Me: You mean "Condensesation"? no dumbass a condominium!
My friend: Whats that?
Me: your not my friend anymore your too dumb
My Ex- friend:='(
by [Gun Rue] kid April 12, 2008
The largest land mass in North America that isn't a country. It may proclaim itself to be the greatest country in the world but this is impossible because Canada is still under British control.
A: Canada is the greatest country in the world!
B: No, it's not even a country, moron...
by Minister 123 April 15, 2011
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