America's hat.
If Canada were to blow up, it would reveal America's ugly hat hair.
by scrotal punch October 12, 2009
The land of queers and skanks. In the most recent of Colbert Nations, it was slighted for renaming its magazine "the Beaver" because Canadians are a bunch of ninnies.
Canada is such a land of queers and losers

Canadians eat douchebagels and creamed mancheese

Colbert was disappointed and issued a slam-session on Canadians for giving up on "the Beaver"
by JayCot February 04, 2010
A boring inconsequential country filled with whiny people very interested in ensuring that no one has any fun, except themselves. This does not make sense but neither does Canada. The country was founded by tough, adventeurous people but recently pussies, faggots and whining bitches have taken over.

A coup is presently underway by immigrants from China, Vietnam, Phiilipines, Somalia and Jamaica among others who are seeking to overthrow and expel all real (white) canadians. Because most real canadians have shifted to the "punk bitch pussy" camp they are easily overwhelmed by any accusation of "racist" and bend over backwards succeeding in putting their heads up their own asses to accomodate the preceived needs and/or human rights violations of a "new canadian" who recieves citizenship and a passport as well as access to free healthcare, education, safe communities etc. in only three years without having to learn English or French or any of the customs or history of the once great nation.
Pussified punk bitch Canadians celebrate this process and call it "multi-culturalism" and celebrate by farting at each other and telling themselves they smell just like roses.

Meanwhile the "new canadian" laughs all the way to the bank as he sponsors 75 family members into the country now that hes a citizen and each one of the elderly will recieve 500,000$ in healthcare and every last one of them signs up for welfare and gets a job in one of the ethnic ghettoes that pays under the table and pays no tax.

Every immigrant tries their hardest to cheat the government of paying taxes and laughs at what abunch of pussy faggts most Canadians are as they slowy take over the country.
Canada conversation

Real Canadian whose family built the country and left dozens of dead on battlefields around the world:

"Wow, that shopping mall doesnt have one sign in English, and when i asked the attendant where the bathroom was they couldnt even speak english, thats fucked up?"

Pussified faggot punk bitch "Canadian": "Oh....youre such a racist!"

"New" Canadian ( in some gibberish other than english or french because they never bother to learn it): "Fucking losers.. we will own your huge country and all its mineral wealth and you will be deported, ha ha"
by One tough s'um bitch September 04, 2009
The country to the north of the United States known for its beautiful landscape, hockey, and its frigid cold. But those are the only positives to the country of Canada. The negatives include...
-Saying Eh? at the end of every sentence turning that sentence into a question.
-Sure you hockey-nuts have the second largest country in the world but how much of that is actually populated...Thats what I thought.
-Although all the Canadians believe that they burned down our White House in the War of 1812 you didn't. It was British soldiers stationed in Canada that did it. Thats like after the American soldiers invaded Iraq and semi fixed its government the Iraqis saying oh yeah we fixed our own government.
-Who actually wants to live in the cold weather of Canada anyway...exactly.
-Canadians barely have a military so if Bush was still our president and got bored one day and decided to invade Canada there would be nothing you guys could do to stop us except maybe make a barricade of Mounties on horseback but Oh no look here come our tanks Mounties:0 America:1

Those are just a few of the reasons Canada is probably the shittiest place to live.
Canadian: Welcome to Canada eh?

American: Shut the hell up and go chug some maple syrup.

Canadian: Well that would be a mighty discomfort in my tumbly bumbly wouldn't it eh?

American: So who won the hockey game last night?

Canadian: Pshh, its the start of our summer you silly fraggle muffin we don't start our hockey season for a couple more weeks when autum comes alone eh?

American: Wow...
by Jokesterpants June 25, 2009
the second biggest country but the larest producer of weed
canada has the best chron in the world
by aslhtgoe August 03, 2006
land of fake ass bacon and fake ass tits
what the fuck this isnt bacon and these arent tits. Canada fucking sucks.
by imanassclown August 18, 2011
1. (Common) A country of which the international reputation was destroyed by a single man and his political party in few years.
2. (Literal) Something nice who lost his prestige.
1. Neither Africa, nor Europe and even less the Arabic world rely on the Canadian diplomacy to play an active and effective role in the search for solutions the world conflicts.

2. Since this guys own the bar, it's went Canada.
by lily-ann88 October 27, 2010

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