The country that produced Justin Bieber. I feel sad for 'dem Canadians.
by BalanceofTerror April 29, 2012
A country that used her brains and just plainly asked for her independence rather than start a fight for it.
Canada: Hey Britain, i want independence.
Britain: OK.
Canada: sweeet.
America: Hey Britain, i want independence
Britain: Ohka-
by TEEHEEEEEEEEE December 13, 2009
The country located geographically to the north of the U.S. west of Greenland and across the arctic ocean from Russia. Known internationally for its cold climate, hockey, beer etc. The large Canadian cities like Toronro, Montreal and Vancouver are some of the nicest in the world. Canada is known for it's ability to get along with the rest of the world and its peace keepers. The predominantly caucasian population is thought to be somewhat more racially tolerant than that of the U.S. however this facade quickely fades in private company or in the presence of alcohol. The largest minority in Canada are the aboriginals, who were not exterminated to the same extent as their American counterparts. They have a lower quality of life on average than other groups and so recieve a lot of aid from the governent. This is much to the chagrin of the caucasians.

Stereotypically, other minorities live in fairly insular (thought often quite prosperous) communities, unlike their American counterparts who are thought live in more of a "melting pot."

Canada is known for its universal healthcare and other social programs.

Canada has a small, though highly trained and well organized military.

Canadian inustry is focused mainly in the natural resources and agricultre sectors. The Canadian dollar is usually worth less than the American dollar, though at the time of the writing it is actually worth more.

Canada has Both French and English as it's official languages, and despite the convinience of being able to find English labels and instructions in even the most French parts of Quebec (or French in the most English parts of Alberta), this creates much political discord. There is a mutual antipathy between English and French Canadians.

So you're from Canada eh?
by Chamaecyparis February 10, 2008
The best damn country you can ever live in
It's beautiful and safe
You can send your 12 year old daughter to the corner store and back at 10:30 pm , and know nothing will happen to her
We all love hockey
We all drink beer
We're all quite smart
We're not arrogant
We say " eh"
But who can blame us eh ?
We actually eat poutine
We can speak French & English
Our elections take like.. a minute and a half
We don't start wars for no reason
We're not all Eskimos living in igloos and drinking maple-syrup non-stop
We love our maple leaf

I'm 9 years old and I'm taking the city bus to school because I missed the bus :) I'm from canada :)
by CanadianGal May 25, 2009
Second biggest Country in the world, known for kick-ass musicians (Sam Roberts, The Tragically Hip, Diana Krall, Feist, Sarah McLaughlin etc.) maple syrup, hockey, lacrosse, insulin, the telephone, poutine, chesterfields, peace.... etc., etc.

Pretty beautiful country. From the coasts of Vancouver Island to the P.E.I, Canada has it all. Boreal Forest, Praries, Tundra, you name it, we got it.
Canada is awesome!
by Poutines are good March 16, 2009
Where all the good bands and singers come from. Mostly. And where most good hockey players come from. CANADA ROCKS!
"Wow, this band is good."
"Yeah they're from Canada."
"No wonder."
by A random somebody September 01, 2005
That place north of the United States that the world often forgets exists.
What's that place above the US called again? Oh yeah....CANADA!
by ATennisFan February 28, 2010

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