America's hat.
"Bet you wish your hat was as cool as this hat." America

"Fuck you." China

"What? Sorry, I was busy trying to get Alaska to stop hugging me, what I miss?" Canada

"*sniff* I have feelings too!" Mongolia
by osmo512 September 09, 2009
Canada is a peaceful, multi-cultural nation and is the 2nd largest country in the world. Canada has provinces and territories instead of states, and has a Prime Minister, NOT a President. Canada's symbol is the Maple Leaf.

It is NOT always Winter in Canada. Canadians live IN HOUSES NOT IGLOOS, and DO NOT ride to school on polar bears. Canadians DO NOT eat beaver tail and they speak ENGLISH AND FRENCH, NOT CANADIAN.
Guy A: Hey did you know some Americans pretend to be from Canada when travelling abroad?
Guy B: I WONTDER why......
by 7sdrawkcab February 16, 2009
In response to Greenburg(Post # 53) I'd have to say you just made yourself look like a complete dumbass. Although the first post had somethings wrong, he also had many correct facts about Canada.

1-Smarties are the Bomb. M&Ms arent all that great. Fuck you for thinking otherwise.
2-Crispy Crunch are pretty gross. Coffee Crisp is right awesome.
3-Canadian and American football are both gay.
4-Who gives a fuck about Baseball.
5-Native American isnt a country. They were a group of people who live(d) in Canada.
6-Hockey, well, we all agree is right fucking sweet. Although the Leafs suck and always will suck. It's been 40 some years people. It's time to let go.
7-Basketball is American. But it doesnt matter cause it's boring anyways.
8-Syrup isnt the only food made in Canada. Poutines are an example.
9-I work at Tim Hortons and to prove it doesnt suck, we have 3 Tims in a town with a population of 17 000. That's a lot.
10-It was a war. Big deal.
11-Canada did actually fight, but you wouldnt know that because schools in the US dont teach hardly anything about Canada.
12-Pretty much the same.
13-Canadians dont go to war over stupid things; therefore, a bar fight would be considered a civil war to a few people.
14-Plaid is killer.
15-We arent poor. We have no need to carry guns as our country is safer than most.
16-On the contrary. Americans cut down many trees for a living. What do you think they do to trees before they build houses and buildings?
17-You're extremely stupid if you think velcro was the only thing we invented. We did indeed invent ski-doos, jet-skis, velcro, zippers, insulin, penicillin, zambonis, the telephone.
18-While being a child growing up in an extremely cold climate(especially in the Winter),it is common to have your tongue or mouth stuck to a metal pole. I am proud to say this has never happened to me.
19-The man who created Superman did have canadian roots. Google it.
In the future, I advise you not to be such a dumbass.
Canada ALWAYS beat the US in hockey. Always.
by Jami G April 25, 2008
a cool country, but most of the definitions by canadians or canadian supporters always bring up the US in thier arguement. Find something else to exploit. Most of the entries here state that america was racist, well incase you didnt notice, that statement is discrimitory.
"Americans are all racist, too bad im too stupid to notice what i just said was along the lines of racism"
by Vic April 22, 2004
A fine country where people can drink at age 18. Canada is popularly portrated, by me, to be one big fat Minnesota (Canada is RIFE with hunters and fishermen)! ^_^

Unfortunately, Canada has been subject to be the most brainwashed nation by Michael Moore's devious indoctrination. Because of this, canadians now hate America about as much as the rest of the world. Which is a shame....I'm an american and I like Canada. I like to rip on canadians, but that doesn't mean I hate'em! Unfortunately there are some canadians who greatly dislike America, primarily because of the fact that we have a "different" president leading the free world.

And about Canada not participating in war....this is my point of view : Canada is a peaceful refuge from war. Canada doesn't need to require itself to go to war. But if they do go to war, they are amongst the most courageous people in the world. Being full of hunters, canadians soldiers should be tough.

Like I said, this is all my point of view. Personally, I wouldn't mind checking out Canada in the future. Ahh, so many countries I wanna check out....Japan, Russia, and now Canada. Gonna check out the lovely ladies that Canada has, and not to mention their nice liquor!! ^.^ eh?
"Canada is kind of Michael Moore's base of operations."
by Dave March 21, 2004
A federal constitutional monarchy that is located on the northern half of the North American continent, and continues into the arctic circle and on towards the North Pole.

It has ten provinces, three territories, and is an officially bilingual and multicultural country (English and French), as both these ideals are enshrined in it's constitution. Canada is largely a resource economy, with vast reserves of natural gas, oil, nickel, uranium, and other minerals. Interesting fact: Canada at present emits more carbon into the atmosphere per capita than the United States.

At present, Canada does not have nuclear weapons capability, and has no plans to do so in the foreseeable future due to it's close proximity to a country with a huge nuclear capabilty that dwarfs all other nations.

Canada's rather small but disciplined military is playing a more active role in protecting it's northern boundaries, due to the untapped economic potential of natural resources and, interestingly, the possible future development of the North West passage as a viable direct transportation link between North America and Eurasia, as a result of global warning trends in that region.

Canada's forces are also playing an active role in Afghanistan (as of March 2007), where it's ground forces are engaged in fighting Taliban. This is a very devisive topic for many Canadians, many of them wondering why we are fighting a group of people who were at one time funded by the U.S. (see The Mujahadeen) to fight the Soviet Union (who were driven out). It's a country that has never been effectively patrolled / controlled by any modernized army.

The province of Quebec and it's status within Canada are always in the news limelight, and Canadians have grown used to being under the gun of separation. To be clear though, know this: Quebec is an old soul. Quebec (New France) was here before Canada, before the U.S.A. Before any other Europeans hatched their plans on the North American continent, These guys were mapping out the land and trading with the locals (aboriginals).

The English-speaking people of Canada are in almost every respect, exactly the same as citizens of the U.S.A., however there are differences in our religious and political beliefs that are worth mentioning to any who are interested.

In the U.S.A., expressing your religious beliefs is an affirmation of your faith. In Canada, your religious beliefs are considered a private affair between you and your god.

Politically, Canada and the U.S.A. are at polar opposites. Due to it's small economy compared to the U.S., Canada is heavily dependant on U.S. trade for it's very survival, but has taken a vastly different approach--mostly out of necessity--to economic influence and expansion. Canada favours trade deals, the U.S. also just loves to trade stuff, but does this via some interesting ideological tools known as "exporting democracy", and "preemption". But as long as you use their currency, America loves you. *Iran...ahem*

In Canada, compromise is de riguer and the general philosophy amongst Canadians could be "Live and Let Live", and "The rich get richer, and get taxed more heavily, so what's the fucking point?"
You're from Canada? Do you know Phil? He's from Toronto.
by bomb_biscuit March 25, 2007
a country where the beer isnt watered down, the best bands/actors/comediens come from, the sex is amazing, women can walk around topless if they should so desire, its legal to marry boys or girls, where the health care is free, people are polite, the population speaks english and for the most part french, the people arent fat, a pretty girl can walk home alone at 1 in the morning, its not cold all year round, its spelled favourite, colour, centre, metre, honour etc, americans go to escape pure evil (bush), and where all the cool kids live! (by the way... weeds not legal here...)
A conversation in french canada... or in an english canadian classroom
-bonjour (good day)
-salut (hi)
-comment ca va? (how are you?)
-ca va bein, merci et vous? (im good, thank you and yourself?)
-ca va tres bein! (im very good!)
by emilyiscanadian April 17, 2006
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