A cool country which has the largest Australian population outside of Australia.

Is the king of marching bands, giant shopping malls, cool people, Tim Hortons donuts (mmmm...) and of couse, Hockey.
Canada is the place of mountains, Tim Hortons, Marching Bands, Ice Hockey, Giant Malls, really friendly people, and a large amount of Aussies... I know from experiance... the amount of Aussies I ran into during my trip was amazing! Plus Aussies and Canadians think the same and have the same sense of humour!
by Linnibelle July 31, 2005
The area to the north of America (that's up on a normal map).
Think of it as the brain of North America, with the United States being the mouth, and Mexico being the beard.

Despite popular belief Canada's army is one of the best trained army's in the world since we invest almost our entire military budget in training as apposed to America who invests in technology. The combination of the two is unstoppable (see: Devil's Brigade).

Yes we do love hockey, and most Canadians would have a lot more respect for Americans didn't vote for George the second. However Canada and America are still like Maple Syrup and Pancakes, or BL & T, or maybe even a Chocolatey Outside and a creamy Caramel center.

(Just remember that Michael Cera from Superbad is Canadian).
"Hey what's on the other side of the toll booth with the big line up"
"That's Canada"
by TerdFerguson December 11, 2007
The second largest nation and the most forgotten about, to the point where he has become invisible. He still tries his best to have people remember him, though most of the time they think he is America.

"I'm Canada"

by Hetalia fan February 03, 2010
The smarter side of north america, not to mention the fitter and healthier side.
I went up to Canada the other day, they live in igloos, but they aren't fat.
by Long Bang Trung August 21, 2004
"Who is that?"
"I'm Canada! CA-NA-DA!"
"Is that America?"
by Proxas March 30, 2010
A country with a population of 32 000 000 people. We don't live in the forest, or igloos, we have roads(we dont travel by train), and we have electricity. By the way, who the hell argues on UD, to ppl from both countries!
PPL who argue on UD are idiots and should get a life. Don't do it cuz it makes u feel real bad.
by Haha, im not tellin a pc. May 17, 2005
America's hat.
"Bet you wish your hat was as cool as this hat." America

"Fuck you." China

"What? Sorry, I was busy trying to get Alaska to stop hugging me, what I miss?" Canada

"*sniff* I have feelings too!" Mongolia
by osmo512 September 09, 2009

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