Canada is a country where college kids go if they live too far from Mexico. It's considered nippy at -20 C, but not quite cold until we hit -40 C.
The term peace is not achieved through fighting but through actual peace. Despite the fact that Canada's military is constantly insulted by our Southern neighbours, some still complain that we don't help them out. A country where "God Bless Canada" is not proclaimed every five minutes because we are aware that not everybody follows one belief.
And the boys are still hot without the beer.
Canada is fun. You should do it too!
by Meg February 06, 2004
America's friendly neighbor to the North. Sometimes (jokingly) referred to as America's 51st state.
Nice folks live in Canada. The fools above want to put down the US because of its imperialism or whatnot, so lease remember, as the last remaining superpower, we have responsibilities, eh? Just let us do our thing, and Bush'll be out of office in another year. And please, dont deny your economic dependance on your potent, albeit, arrogant friends to the South, it makes us sad and want to bomb other countries :(
by Tacit Llama September 21, 2003
America 's hat.
M1: Hey, you wanna go to Canada?
M2: No.
M1: Good call.
by Rory O'Boyle November 01, 2007
A place where you're constantly surrounded by dirty people who say 'EH' a whole lot.
Emma: Who won the presidential election?

Annie: McCain did.

Seterra: Yeah, we're going to Canada.
by emmawemawoo August 29, 2008
A land filled with people who eat moose droppings and destroy the land of the eskimos, who invented kissing and beer and god. Yes, that is right, the eskimos invented god. DEAL WITH IT.
by Alec Casado from Cuba July 10, 2008
America's anus.
Jim: Hey Paul, wanna go up to Canada?
*Jim gets slapped*
by Ash Kian February 06, 2009
A shapeless blob of land comprising of french people, the complete opposite of America, in all the wrong ways.
Man One: Man, dude, you fail.
Man Two: At least I'm not Canada.
Man One: You're french.
Man Two: Pwned. ):
by Cattzs January 11, 2009
a non-existant country where non-existant aliens roam freely in hope of actually becoming part of the world
Bob: Have u heard of canada?
Fred: Oh ya isnt that the country where cumchuggers and meatstrokers live.
by sweaty_scrotum July 30, 2008

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