A time when a once bold northern nation helped black Americans escape persecution during the Civil War. Thought to have sparked the legend of Aunt Jemima's arrival on The Underground Syrupstream.
Man, isn't it funny how people forget that Canada's History is a big part of America's History?
by Jimmy Kicks February 05, 2010
euphemism for sexual acts often done in the wild, with the sound of the loon in the background. Came about due to the trading of Beaver pelts, horny huntsman, and the slutty backwoods girls who entertained them.

Also rumoured to involve antlers, maple syrop, and the Stanley Cup though that is more popular south of the 49th Parallel. Canadians would never defile the Stanley Cup... but you should see what some girls can do with the Lombardi!
"I took her out and taught her some of Canada's History"
"When the subject turned to Canada's History I stood tall"

Mom "What did you do with Suzy tonight?"
Son "Went out for dinner and then she showed me Canada's History."
Mom "That's nice"
Son "Yeah, then her friends came over and we went over Canada's History together."
Mom "So you'll pass the test?"
Son "I don't know... Mr. Smith, Canada's History teacher, is a real dick."
by Colbert digs Canada's History February 04, 2010
The sexual act of stretching a woman's vagina with a moose antler and watching her masturbate with a Stanley Cup lubed up with maple syrup. Or, the sexual act of performing fellatio using syrup while atop or near a moose. Also the name of a popular Canadian magazine.
1) You need a pretty experienced girl to successfully be able to pull off a Canada's History. Also, you need to be on a pretty good hockey team or have access to a trophy room.
2) "Does it still count as a Canada's History if the moose is plastic?"
3) "Dude. Canada's History beats the shit out of Playboy."
by BeeOverlord- February 04, 2010
Canada kan-a-duh once the northernmost half of the United States, was founded in 1984 entirely by a super-breed of asexually reproducing lesbian ice-skaters. Amidst the confusion of the 80's the Canadians, as they would one day be called, successfully succeeded simply by being extremely boring and annoying. Canada is known for its spice trade and rich, lush greenery. A great vacation destination for old people and those of the homosexual persuasion.
Bro 1 - Dude lets go to Canada.

Bro 2 - What are you gay?

Bro1 - I figured someone like you would say something like that.

Bro 2 - Canada's History sucks.
by Paul Sanford February 04, 2010
A "Canada's History" is a slang term in the American English language used to describe an act of a sexual nature which is regarded by many to be one of the most vile sexual acts in the history of sexydom. To "Canada's History" someone, one must first acquire a fire extinguisher. The fire extinguisher must then be carefully inserted in to an acceptable orifice of a clown using applicable lubricants. The clown must then be carefully lowered in to the major orifice of a large mammalian animal of adequate scale. Any mammal will do, but it must be a warm-blooded animal at the very least or else the clown will run the risk of hypothermia. This act, when successfully completed, is not unlike a turducken of the culinary world, but should never be confused with "blowing up a turd locker," which is a much different act all together, if not similar in execution.
That clown got the Canada's History all the way in to the bowels of that walrus!

- or -

Last night, Ann Coulter took the Canada's History all the way (fictional Ann Coulter).
by KINGOFTHEINTERNET February 04, 2010
A sexual act where a person defecates into a hockey glove and masturbates to moose porn.
Gordon Brown, an expert in Canada's History, always used CCM gloves for ultimate performance.
by cottagecheese420 February 04, 2010
sexual act involving stanley cup, moose antlers and maple syrup. typically involves 2 female participants and 1 male. In most iterations female A impales her vagina on one side of the moose antler while female B sits on the other side. The male actor is then felated by both females while dumping maple syrup over their faces and repeatedly slamming them on the head with the stanley cup. this happens until all parties climax.
dude, i canada history'd until I could hear the stanley cup hitting some bitch in the head in my sleep. canada's history
by mr mustache February 04, 2010

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