Canada's History is the anecdotal name for a sex act that is known to be the personal favourite of Stephen Colbert.

The act requires: Moose antlers, atleast 14 females, a bottle of Maple Syrup, and the Stanley cup. (You can add more maple syrup to increase stickiness if desired).
(If atlesat 5 of the 14 females are African American, then you will need a traditional jar of Kool-Aid, as opposed to the Stanley Cup, as to support Racial equality).
1. Stephen Colbert is an avid supporter of Canadas History, and is rumoured to be the champion of it.

2. If performing Canada's History on a Tuesday, it is acceptable to use males as opposed to females, however you MUST use nonfat maple syrup
by Mr_Macabre February 05, 2010
When moose antlers, maple syrup and the stanley cup are inserted into a chosen body cavity after performing the dirty sanchez, a blumpkin and the angry pirate.
Dude I gave her canadas history last night.
by stevenCfan February 04, 2010
A depraved sex act in which partners rip off their maple soaked denim underwear using moose antlers attached to their heads. The womans head is then sumbmerged in the stanley cup full of maple syrup while the man chokes her with his suspenders while plowing her in the rectum. Right before she passes out from lack of oxygen she wacks him in the balls repeatedly with a hockey stick to let him know "it is time" at which point he defficates in her mouth as she comes up for air. Finally they shove hockey pucks in each other anuses and continue intercourse as usual the act is only complete when the woman tranfers the man's maple soaked feces back to him orally.

All of this is done on under the watchful eye of The Beaver, however this act is rarely completed before the couple is eaten by a canadian bear
Dude I'm really enjoying studying Canadas History with this chick.
by BigredXIII February 05, 2010
1: a canadian magazine that was once called 'The beaver'. 2: A depraved sex act that involces a pair of moose antlers, a bottle of canadian maple syrup and the Stanley Cup
1: "Im reading The Beaver", "Its now called Canadas History.", "no, Im reading The Beaver porn magizine."

2: "I gave her a 'canadas history'.
by Dodger863 February 04, 2010
the act of dipping one's penis in maple syrup then preforming oral sex immadietly followed by vaginal sex.
i just canadas history the hell outta that bitch
by christopher huntopus February 06, 2010
The act of making love to one's own genitalia after having a sex change operation all while precariously balanced atop the Stanley cup and drinking maple syrup from a moose skull (antlers required). For some, the act is too tame. A common variation includes wearing a Mountie's outfit, mixing the syrup with beaver semen and continuously slapping one's partner with a hockey stick in an attempt to enhance the pleasure.
(guy1) "Bro, she looks hot but I heard she's a virgin."
(guy2) "Are you kidding? That whore has done Canadas History after chopping her own phallus off with an axe. I believe she is ready for my devious pleasuring."

"I told that asshole to go fuck himself but he went overboard and performed the old Canadas History."
by stephensbastardchild February 05, 2010
the act of two consenting adults fondling eachother with a maple leaf soaked in maple syrup, before going to town on eachother with goalie pads, a french to english translation book, and a picture of alan thicke. all of this done while listening to a record of william shatner's spoken word album "The Transformed man"
jim: so, you showed diane a bit aboot canadas history last night eh?

bob: ohh yaaaa, she knows all aboot it now
by Freida's Boss February 05, 2010
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