Ugly, stupid, retarded. Mentaly challenged in every way. Someone that will stab you in the back and rip out your kidneys. Someone obsessive over people that dont like him/or her. Morbidly obese! A monster someone who will eat your children, but in the end he'll/she'll always love you.
OMG you look like a freaking canaan.

Wow, she is so gonna be a canaan.
by THE REAL CANAAN May 12, 2009
Top Definition

wonderful, magical, and full of hope
My Babe is a true canaan.
by k29 March 02, 2009
The greatest friend in the world. She is alway there for "me" and understands "me". When nobody else does.
by LivinLargeLiz02 March 02, 2010
Male with massive penis and great looking in every way
Man he must be a Canaan
by Python26 February 18, 2015
The art of rimjobbing a sasquatch.
damn he really Canaan'd that chick?, NASTY.
by WickyWickyWildWildWest May 14, 2009
Obsessive with his body, someone who wants big muscles.
Man you are turning into a Canaan nowadays!
by crazygurl333 July 25, 2008
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