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Can-O-Black refers to the Phenomenon wherein a person (Mainly White Women) use excessive amount of Self-Tanning creams, sprays and lotions; in order to change their ethnicity. Hence, a White woman can cover her skin in so much Self-Tanning cream, that it changes her skin color and makes her look like a Latina or Black woman.
(Can-O-Black Chick) I'm the hottest black chick you will ever meet! (Dude) Please! Your the only black chick I know that if I locked you in a closet for two weeks you would turn white! (Can-O-Black Chick) Are you crazy, Do you know how hard it is to get my skin looking this good? (dude) Yeah, $9.95 a can, 3 cans a week.
by Russell Sheppard July 26, 2008
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